Weekly Browsers Recap, August 23rd

By | August 23, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, August 23rd


The History of Internet Explorer
As Microsoft celebrates the 15th birthday of Internet Explorer, lets dive into the past and see how it all started…

Is Internet Explorer the Modern Times Jesus?
Before we begin… If you are easily offended Christian, just skip this post.

TabCandy Comes to Firefox 4 Final
It looks like the final version of Firefox 4 will have TabCandy already installed into the browser itself.

Firefox 4 Beta 4 to Include Sync, Hardware Acceleration
It looks like the upcoming Firefox 4 Beta 4 release is set to include Firefox Sync…

Firefox to Android
If you have already heard about the “Chrome to Phone” extension that allows…

Opera 10.70 Expands Sync Capabilities
The latest weekly build of Opera 10.70 web browser now includes ability to synchronize content…

Enable Google Search Suggestions in Opera
As you might know, Opera 10.60 brings support for search suggestions.

Why Should You Use Opera Mini? (Pic)
Really, why should you?

6 of the Worst Web Browser Features
There comes a time when browser developers decide to implement a specific feature or do things in…

Even Google Knows It (Pic)
What’s the worst web browser?


Anything else? Let us know.

Thanks to Ichann for the news tips.


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