Why Should You Use Opera Mini? (Pic)

By | August 19, 2010

Why Should You Use Opera Mini?

Download Opera Mini.

Via Dilbert and Choose Opera.


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  1. Foo says:

    More like, “why you should have a proper smartphone or use a laptop” if you intend to surf, if the hardware is the problem. “Why you should pressure your company to install Wi-Fi for the employees” if the connection is the problem.
    I’ve never had any problem using a real browser over wireless while traveling, but then I don’t live in the USA either.

  2. Ichann says:

    I dont really get this.

    • Pothi says:

      The pics show what happens when you use your phone’s default browser.

      • Ichann says:

        Well I dont know what browser they are using but the latest smartphones have the search engine bar next to the url field.

      • nobody says:

        it doesnt take anything great to beat opera mini interface and ease of use – all android 1.6+ phones default browser, iphone browser, even this new BB os6 browser is better.
        but yes, opera mini beats (and rocks) feature/low-end phone browser