Opera 10.70 Expands Sync Capabilities

By | August 20, 2010

Opera 10.70 Expands Sync CapabilitiesThe latest weekly build of Opera 10.70 web browser (please note: this is not the final version) now includes ability to synchronize content blocker settings.

With Opera Link technology, users can use same speed dials, bookmarks, personal bar settings*, search engines, notes* and history* across different computers or even mobile phones.

* not available on mobile phones

Want to know more about Opera Link? Check the following post.

Thanks to Mark Gillespie for the news tip.


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  1. Ichann says:

    For the record. How much snapshot news are you willing to publish?
    Can we bombared you with each release or only major features.


  2. Paulius says:

    WOW. Nice, I thought that site was created by a lithuanian man. Cause firefox start page was for that’s nation users. And BAAAM – Vygantas Lipskas. CHEERS ;))))

  3. aavv says:

    Unfortunately Opera (my browser) develop their product on the wrong side, Sync of Ad-Block !!!!!!
    they must develop better Ad-blocker (take filter automatically) instead of this non-sense (just to show) feature.
    where is web-site compatibility (which take more than 10 years on the user’s wish lists) and who cares now about the standers if no one use them but developers, and what about simplified tweaking inested of non-stop stupid super speed (which have nothing to do if the Internet at very good speed)
    if there is no extensions developed by users (open source) this browser will die sooner or later

    • nvm says:

      It’s silly to expect Opera to bundle a complete ad blocker.
      Site compatibility is updated all the time. They release regular and huge batches of Presto updates instead of small things all the time. It’s silly to think that compatibility is a matter of waving a magic wand.
      Extensions have got nothing to do with open-source.
      Opera is not going to die. It’s growing. People have predicted its demise for 15 years, and it’s bigger than ever.

  4. Hav says:

    Yep, my favorite browser!

  5. filip007 says:

    History sync on web pages, just the links i suppose.
    I hope that they will make a modernization theme, it looks kinda old to me.
    I like to use it but Chrome has bigger goals than Opera.