Opera 10.10 Out Now

By | November 23, 2009 | 13 Comments

Opera 10.10 Out Now

Today, Opera Software has released a final version of Opera 10.10 desktop web browser.

Users can now enjoy Opera Unite, as it has the following applications already pre-installed:

Opera Unite Home
File Sharing
Media Player
Photo Sharing
Web Server

Also, according to Opera, it includes security and stability enhancements as well.

Changelog (Windows).


Opera Software Renews Search Agreement With Google, Signs New Mobile Search Deal

By | November 20, 2009 | 7 Comments

Oslo, Norway, November 20, 2009. Opera Software ASA and Google Inc. have entered into a new agreement to integrate Google as the default search partner for the Opera mobile browsers (Opera Mobile & Opera Mini). This agreement replaces the agreement entered into on 27.02.2008 and is effective through October 30, 2011 and may be extended by Opera through October 30, 2012.

Oslo, Norway, November 20, 2009 – Opera Software ASA and Google Inc.
have renewed their current agreement to integrate Google as the default search partner for the Opera desktop and mobile browser. The agreement is effective through March 31, 2012 and Opera will continue to include Google search as a part of its user interface.


What Is Google Chrome OS (Video)?

By | November 19, 2009 | 5 Comments

“Telling the story of Google Chrome and how it inspired an operating system”


Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) vs. Firefox 3.6 vs. Chrome 4 vs. Safari 4

By | November 18, 2009 | 28 Comments

IEBlog has published Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) (not final version) SunSpider benchmark results and compared them to Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome 3, Google Chrome 4, Safari 4 and latest Webkit Nightly build.

Let me tell you, this graph looks promising so far: Continue Reading

Silverlight 4 Beta Includes Google Chrome Support

By | November 18, 2009 | 7 Comments

Silverlight 4 Beta Adds Google Chrome SupportIn today’s Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft has announced the availability of Silverlight 4 Beta.

Some of new Silverlight 4 features include: Google Chrome web browser support, applications now start 200% faster than in Silverlight 3, multi touch, webcam and microphone support, a new user interface for requesting application privileges access outside the standard Silverlight sandbox and much more.

Visit Silverlight 4 Beta page.


Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) to Support Hardware Accelerated Rendering

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Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) to Support Hardware Accelerated RenderingYou wanted more details about upcoming Internet Explorer 9 release? Here, you have it.

Steven Sinofsky, the president of Microsoft’s Windows and Windows Live divisions said that IE9 will take an advantage of a computer’s graphics hardware to better render online images, videos, animations and other graphics.

“We think that the hardware you run on should shine through the browser”, Sinofsky Said.

Smooth graphics rendering is also included into Internet Explorer 9 features tree. In addition, he said that team has yet to decide, on how much of HTML5 features IE9 is going to support.

With improved HTML/CSS markup languages support, Sinofsky also demoed IE’s ability to create rounded borders.

No further details or preliminary release dates were revealed.

Stay tuned.

Via SeatlePi.


Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Windows Mobile Released

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Few weeks after the Opera Mobile 10 Beta for Symbian availability, here comes Opera Mobile 10 for Windows Mobile.

This release now includes a sexy browser UI from Opera Mini 5, with all the great features: new speed dial, visual tabs, etc. Also, it offers various performance, usability improvements, better touch screen navigation and more.

For download links and other details, visit the following page.


Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 Removes Windows 7 Features

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Firefox 3.6 Beta 3 Now Available, Removes Windows 7 FeaturesMozilla yesterday has released a third beta of Firefox 3.6 web browser. Just as any new beta/rc build, it focuses on stability and performance improvements.

Fixing over 90 bugs, this version also removes Windows 7 tab previews. Furthermore, there won’t be any support for other popular features, such as: jump lists or IE like download progress bar in the taskbar.

Download Firefox 3.6 Beta 3.


Opera 10.10 RC3 Released

By | November 18, 2009 | 8 Comments

Opera 10.10 RC3 ReleasedA new RC build of Opera 10.10 has been released earlier today. This build addresses some Opera Unite issues and systray fix for Linux users.

No official changelog yet.



Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), Silverlight 4 Plans to Emerge Tomorrow

By | November 17, 2009 | 4 Comments

Neowin reports that Microsoft VP Steven Sinofsky is going to announce plans for Internet Explorer 9 tomorrow, at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC).

Also, Scott Guthrie shall reveal more details about Silverlight 4.