Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) vs. Firefox 3.6 vs. Chrome 4 vs. Safari 4

By | November 18, 2009

IEBlog has published Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) (not final version) SunSpider benchmark results and compared them to Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome 3, Google Chrome 4, Safari 4 and latest Webkit Nightly build.

Let me tell you, this graph looks promising so far:

Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome 3, Google Chrome 4, Safari 4

Also, ACID3 test results:
Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3.5, Firefox 3.6, Google Chrome 3, Google Chrome 4, Safari 4

Stay tuned for more news.


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  1. Golden Boy says:

    Already beats Opera 10

    • cousin333 says:

      You mean IE8? Because I doubt that (based on reviews).

      You mean IE9? C’mon, Opera 10(.01) is ready to use and download, but where’s IE9?

    • Thoe says:

      YES! It beats Opera 10! That’s all that matters! As long as it beats Opera that’s GREAT because Opera NEEDS to be beaten!

      BTW, do you know if it beats Carakan?

  2. Hmm – has FF 3.6’s performance improved, or is that an illusion caused by the neighboring bars? I would love to see FF’s performance equal that of Chrome. Getting there I suppose.

    The Acid test results of IE are shocking…

    • nobody says:

      acid tests only a very narrow part of standards, mostly stuff that it simply not used on any real world web pages, so acid score does not reflect browsers ability to perform well with code. it is quite low, yes, but it is a matter of priorities.

      IE team knows, that they’ve lost the ‘acid race’ so they lost only intent to participate in it. acid isnt important anyway in real world

    • Eice says:

      Some people like to fawn over Acid3 results. That’s perfectly fine, but try finding me a site that works better with WebKit/Opera than with IE.

      • Thoe says:

        A site designed for IE will obviously work better in IE, just like a site designed for Firefox will work better in Firefox. Anyone with more than half a brain realizes that, so your comment is just crazy talk.

        • Golden Boy says:

          Why? Is there any special html tag which IE renders faster than other browsers? Is there any specific script or command which loads faster on IE than other browsers?

          • Thoe says:

            Why did you leave out the “just like a site designed for Firefox will work better in Firefox” part?

            He didn’t say “render faster”, he said “render better”, which is more than just speed.

            But yes, you can optmize a page to be faster in specific browsers because all browsers have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to performance.

            If you are seriously denying that browser-specific optimizations on a page is possible, you are just delusional.

          • nobody says:

            dear Thoe, youve got caught with your own confusion – too many nicknames so little mental abilities to track them you have

            you are refering to yourself as “HE”.. thats hillarious slip

        • Eice says:

          Yep, and that’s why IE/Firefox are the browsers you go for if you want web site compatibility, and not WebKit/Opera’s hypothetical 100/100 Acid3 score.

          • Thoe says:

            Sorry to have to break it to you, but you can optimize a site specifically for any browser. I just used Firefox as an example.

            Hypothetical? LOL.

          • Eice says:

            Yep, hypothetical. You’re just hiding and dodging and desperately scrambling to find an excuse for from the unpleasant and inconvenient truth that, despite WebKit/Opera’s 100/100 Acid3 score, it’s IE and Firefox that web pages with with the most.

          • nobody says:

            “Sorry to have to break it to you, but you can optimize a site specifically for any browser. I just used Firefox as an example.”

            no, you cant do it for opera – because opera lacks serious developer tools. opera’ own site breaks in opera from time to time, especialy after big upgrades. lack of developer tools hurt opera very badly and is sole reason why webdevelopers arent giving a damn about opera.

            all other browsers have their tools, firebug is this what made firefox so popular – it is because of firebug that firefox became webdevelopers tool. and webdevelopers will always make their page work in tool that they use first. there is no way to do any serious work with opera’ tools. thats the truth, and using lies and verbal abuse you are not going to change it.

      • cousin333 says:

        That’s because web designers don’t have the luxury of leaving out the 2/3 of users (IE users). That’s why standard compliance AND standard support is very important in IE. Because if it doesn’t support, the developers won’t do it also.

        Look at SVG! Opera has the best support, the others are fine, IE has no support at all (except the very old Adobe plugin)! And lo, you don’t see many pages with SVG around (just look at some Wikipedia pictures: in IE, they are converted to png, so you can see them). If many developer would start to use it, IE users would experience the incapability of their browser. Or APNG. Or MathML. Or…

        So IE is not the most compatible because it is a very good product but because it’s the most widely used.

        • IE 9 has support for SVG. I guess its in full. IE9 loads much faster and renders faster too.. I am just waiting for the final release…

          I would rather be better off with Microsoft than with anything else. Atleast I know whom to blame if things go wrong ;)…

  3. tareqf1 says:

    want to know about the standards? just submit a page of a website that is well rendered on IE to here
    you will know what is Standard.

    ACID test is a well established standard test that is followed by all the major browser, even IE itself :)

    we need a standard compliant browser that will make our life more easy to code a cross browser compliant website. Not an javascript improved hardware accelerated version of IE

  4. Nick says:

    IMHO: Ok, even if consider that EI9 sounds promising, by the time it would be launched, others gone far ahead(for example partially substitute OS functions etc).

  5. Tim says:

    Let’s pray that IE9 includes support for SVG and APNG formats.

  6. unkown says:

    Beets Opera?
    Thats funny, because the last time I checked, the latest (test) version of Opera beats google chrome..

  7. Brabant says:

    Yawn. Same old pissing contest. Latest version of Opera DOES beat chrome etc. on sunspider and peacekeeper. Unlike chrome etc. it also has a shedload of useful browser features and best security as well.

    Acid test IS important in the real world. Otherwise why would so many sites/reviewers cite it as a reference?

    Probably a lot of people are shitting their pants right now as very soon Opera is about to get a lot of press and users.


    • Spencer says:

      Last time I checked, Opera didn’t have a good ad blocker. In fact, neither does Google Chrome. That, and because Firefox is still the kind of extensions, is why Firefox is primary browser. That, and I never feel like learning how to use Opera. I’m just super lazy.

  8. Maximilian says:

    Actually, IE9 Beta has 95/100 in Acid3, I have tried it myself.

  9. Ednishmani says:

    mozila firefox 4 is the fastest and protects agains virus