Silverlight 4 Beta Includes Google Chrome Support

By | November 18, 2009

Silverlight 4 Beta Adds Google Chrome SupportIn today’s Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft has announced the availability of Silverlight 4 Beta.

Some of new Silverlight 4 features include: Google Chrome web browser support, applications now start 200% faster than in Silverlight 3, multi touch, webcam and microphone support, a new user interface for requesting application privileges access outside the standard Silverlight sandbox and much more.

Visit Silverlight 4 Beta page.


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  1. nobody says:

    i really hope that opera will stop pretending that silverlight does not exist and make it work in opera.

    it is pathethic that i can run SL using linux (moonlight) and i cannot in opera.

    and no, opera does NOT support silverlight, try anything more than static demos, opera fails with text input, mouse input, with everything in fact. and it is opera netscape plugin architecture to blame, not MS.

    get to work opera

    • Rafael says:

      The support for Opera is M$ job.

      • nobody says:

        nope, download visual studio express (free) with silverlight sdk and run some tests if you are familiar with c#. what ms did with this beta is it probably removed sniffer for chrome in default setups. you can do it with SDK easily to see how everything works with sniffer turned on server-side

        it is opera Netscape plugin architecture and implementation that is borked (too paranoid, not in line with every one else implementation – somehow this is also the reason why other plugins are not opera-compatible – because opera ‘knew better’). what ms had to do it had done. now it is opera time to act, but all that they did was.. skip this topic and never oficialy comment on it since theyve stated that silverlight works in opera. well, it wasnt then, and it sure isnt working now.

        it is opera’s fault

        • Thoe says:

          Yeah, screw security. No one cares about that. Might as well throw security out the window and pretend like everything is fine, and end up with the highest number of security flaws in the second half of 2009, as Firefox did in the first half.

        • Thoe says:

          BTW, how come Silverlight has to SUPPORT CHROME if it’s all a matter of supporting the Netscape plugin architecture? Have you actually looked at Silverlight’s exclusion list for supported browsers? No?

          If Silverlight has to SUPPORT CHROME to work in Chrome, what makes you think Opera is magically going to work without Silverlight SUPPORTING OPERA?

          Why are you blaming OPERA when Silverlight is blocking it, but not CHROME when Silverlight was apparently blocking it until now?

          • nobody says:

            differece is i know silverlight sdk while you barely know what a sdk is.

            so keep trolling, but you have no clue about what you are talking about. not that it stops you