Opera 10.10 Out Now

By | November 23, 2009 | 13 Comments

Opera 10.10 Out Now

Today, Opera Software has released a final version of Opera 10.10 desktop web browser.

Users can now enjoy Opera Unite, as it has the following applications already pre-installed:

Opera Unite Home
File Sharing
Media Player
Photo Sharing
Web Server

Also, according to Opera, it includes security and stability enhancements as well.

Changelog (Windows).


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  1. Grrblt says:

    In before nobody says something stupid about extensions, silverligh, Dragonfly or “giving users what they want”.

    • tst says:

      Regardless of his posts merit, Opera seems to be floating adrift from “giving users what they want” constantly for some time now.

      How is Unite Apps contest going anyway? I can’t find any info on recent winner on their webpage.

      • Crackerflack says:

        Hm, Opera 10 was packed with user-requested features, so that seems a bit off the mark.

        But who defines “what users want” anyway?

        When Opera started working on mobile browsers, it might have looked like a waste of time because “no one” wanted it. Now mobile browsers are bringing in most of Opera’s revenue.

        When Opera did widgets, a lot of people were complaining about how useless they were. Now widgets are getting tens of thousands of downloads every single day, and widgets are bringing big money to Opera on mobile platforms.

        Opera has been way ahead of everyone else many times before. It has taken up to several years for the reasoning behind some decisions to become apparent to people who are unable to see beyond here and now.

        Do you really think Opera is pushing Unite just for the heck of it? Doubt it. I’m expecting to see some major deals and huge revenues for Opera with Unite. Just wait and see.

        We’ve seen this all before: Opera makes something no one thought of. Some people complain. Opera pushes on. Opera signs huge deals and makes lots of money off of it.

        They published a new Unite app winner today. It’s on the front page of MyOpera.

        • Golden Boy says:


          • Crackerflack says:

            Insert random comment here?

          • nobody says:

            well, couldnt give a damn about opera 10.10. until i hear that it has proper developer tools, that it has plugin architecture that allows it to work with silverlight (yeah, ms crap) or WARIA (not so crap – lack of this tool alone makes developing for opera very hard) i’m not going to even download it.

            there is no point.

            people might be babling about how unite is going to change everything, but while it might be neat concept it requires broad recognition (that opera cant get because it simply has sucky marketing) and broad developers support (who once betrayed with lack of develoepr tools will wait for firefox’ Unite clone and use it instead).

            other than that opera is still a browser that is the least compatible, the least underdeveloped and the least extendable from all available on the market now. yes, they are innovating – let them do it, others will copy and then implement.

            that the duty of opera now – to innovate, but remain anonymous as with almost everything. and it will stay so, until opera can reach the mases – extensions, compatiblitity, lack of inflated ego of ‘we know all better, pay attention’ opera head.

          • Grrblt says:

            Told you it was coming.

          • Thoe says:

            LOL. So predictable :D

          • Thoe says:

            “the least underdeveloped”

            Agree! :D

            “lack of inflated ego”

            LOL, the irony :D

        • Justin says:

          Ha yeah you were right…..typical NObody…

  2. alex says:

    Opera the best browser. before that I used firefox but now I will only use Opera – I think Opera is safer

  3. Justin says:

    Crapppp! I put that in the wrong spot!

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