First Firefox 13 Features, No Release Date Yet

By | January 23, 2012

First Firefox 13 Features Get DetailedAfter getting to know upcoming Firefox 11 and Firefox 12 web browsers features, here is what’s next for Mozilla:

Firefox 13 Features

Download Manager

Let’s start with some bad news. Even though the panel based download manager was pretty much confirmed for Firefox 12, it looks like you won’t see it till the Firefox 13 is released.

Update Improvements

There are two update improvements that will take place in the future and those are:

– Updated workflow for users who have incompatible add-ons
The update procedure will differ on user basis depending on the extensions that they have installed. For example: if you have 1 incompatible add-on, Mozilla will not ask you to update Firefox for 7 days, unless developer fixes the issue. After the grace period is over, an update notification will be displayed, informing user about the issues and also offering to either update the Firefox web browser or remind later.

– Silent Update: Background updates
Instead of updating web browser upon the launch, Firefox 13 will do so during the current active session, which means that after the restart, you’ll be set.

As Mozilla explains, such behavior will improve user experience:

Yesterday, Johnny was about to leave home to go to work but he wanted to check his Facebook one last time before heading out the door. He launched Firefox but rather than being taken right to Facebook, he was presented with a 15 second delay, staring at an updater progress dialog. It wasn’t terribly long, but after seeing this same thing happen every six weeks, Johnny decided he hated Firefox and moved to IE.

With the new and improved Firefox, with this feature implemented, Johnny is never frustrated with updates ever again.

And that is all for today. We’ll let you know in case there are any changes or additions.

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  1. Saex Conroy says:

    the firefox team is really playing around with this and that

  2. Guesty Guest says:

    Release date is 5th June. It’s every 6 weeks on a Tuesday. Firefox 10 is out on 31st January 2012, you can pretty much work the rest of the year out from there.

    13th March – 11
    24th April – 12
    5th June – 13
    17th July – 14
    28th August – 15
    9th October – 16
    20th November – 17
    1st January – 18

    A patch for the background update feature has already been uploaded to bugzilla so that it’s ready as soon as the Nightly development period for FF13 begins on 31st Jan or shortly after.

  3. Ben says:

    For those who want their downloads in a panel now, there is a addon that accomplishes the same thing:

  4. 1234-- FF UX IS THE BEST!! says:

    ohh.. First, I thought that the title was tht “13 features for firefox” ..but then I realized I switched it around a bit :)