Firefox 11 And Firefox 12 Features, Release Date

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Firefox 11 And Firefox 12 Features, Release Date

What’s new and what to expect?

As people are getting used to the faster Mozilla Firefox release cycles, we have some news about the Firefox 11 and potentially Firefox 12 web browsers.

Firefox 11 Features

  • Web Apps Integration to Desktop
  • Improve display of location bar results

As you can see from the screenshot above, Firefox 11 will feature 32x32px icons and include few other UI changes, such as: ability to remove entry on hover, removed scrollbar, improved URL recognition, additional spacing and no separator line.

Anything else for Firefox 11? Yes.

  • Redesigned HTML5 media controls
  • In-content UI, meaning improved consistency of visual experience.
  • New Tab Page

Originally planned for Firefox 9, it’s set to bring speed dial and few other goodies.

As far as release date goes, Firefox Alpha is set for December 20th.

Firefox 12 Features (?)

Now this is a tricky one. Although Firefox 12 changes are unknown, Firefox 11 has some of the features marked as “at risk”, meaning that it could be migrated to the next Firefox release, which is version 12.

The only guaranteed feature is a panel based Download Manager.

What else could you see?

  • Firefox Home Tab

Locally hosted version of Home Tab, which will allow users to customize it in any shape in any way they want.

  • Google Chrome settings migration

Originally planned for Firefox 10, it will allow users to import Google Chrome settings and data to Firefox web browser.

Firefox 12 release date remains unknown.

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  • pato
  • Guesty Guest

    January 2012

    March 2012

    April 2012

    05 June

    17 July

  • Guesty Guest

    My attempt at posting release dates in a table above was sht. Apologies. Basically it’s every 6 weeks on a Tuesday.

    Firefox 9 – 20th December 2011

    Firefox 10 – 31th January 2012

    Firefox 11 – 13th March 2012

    Firefox 12 – 24th April 2012

    Firefox 13 – 5th June 2012

    • Anon

      Thanks for that!

    • Anon

      Are those alpha or beta or final dates?

      • Guesty Guest

        Final dates. The others seem to be a little random. They are all Tuesdays and the Nightly, Aurora and Beta releases all tend to be done by the Friday, just 3 days later.

  • Asknobody

    “Google Chrome settings migration”. With such new features that EVERY user is waiting (etc. option to remove more stuff), FF should concentrate only on 1 important feature – FF settings export tool to Chrome

    • Shane Bundy

      I think that’s up for Google to decide.

    • Jordan

      Chrome is bloated, has no respect for the privacy of it’s users, and is featureless.

      Even Opera had a more powerful extensions API than the current Chrome when Opera’s was in beta, and don’t even get me started about Firefox.

      And despite these things Chrome STILL uses significantly more memory than Firefox.

      You’re simply a victim of false advertising. Nah. I’ll pass. :)

  • Maxim

    I like the 32x32px icons. Other than that it looks quite rubbish.

    • Jordan

      ┬áThank god you’re not in charge.

      • Maxim

        My thoughts exactly.

  • Jonas

    But what’s in Firefox 10? That’s the one after the current beta version, and more interesting since it’s closer in time…

  • Mohan

    I like that UI, hopefully the same UI will make it’s way on to Ubuntu and other Linux distros.

    • Shane Bundy

      That would look great on Linux. At least Mozilla hasn’t copied anyone else with this, yet.

  • Bessie Fernandes

    I read so much about chrome but just now cannot remember a lot. I think there was one thing I read that its software on Word was fantastic.

    • Rafael


  • Melina

    Are these updates gonna stop anytime soon? Apparently I downloaded FF4 right around the time these crazy updates started and now I’m at FF8 with at least FF13 to look forward to by sometime NEXT year! By 2015 they’ll be at FF31 at this rate.

  • Melina

    And guess what in 4 number updates NOTHING has changed! At this rate, that’ll be the case for FF9, 10, etc. too. *screams*