Firefox 9 To Feature Speed Dial

By | August 25, 2011

Firefox 9 To Feature Speed DialWelcome to the 4 years ago.

According to the latest article on, Firefox 9 will be borrowing various Opera Speed Dial elements (introduced in Opera 9.2 on April, 2007) for its own good.

The following post covers some of the upcoming Firefox 9 new tab page features and mentions:

A grid of top 9-16 sites
Ability to manually add and remove sites
Ability to rearrange them

There is also one interesting point that states: it should not embarrass the user. Does it mean that users will also be able to assign custom icons and/or change site names?

Let’s wait and see.

[Thanks, Mark G]

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  1. Armin says:

    First Chrome, now Firefox!

  2. mr_den says:

    “it should not embarrass the user”
    I guess it refers to the fact that safari/chrome/ie speed dial shows your most visited sites, and that could be embarrassing if it shows sites that you didn’t want (for any reason) everyone to see.

  3. warrantyvoid says:

    Oh come on… Firefox used to be quick with implementing new features, why did it take them so long for a simple Speed Dial or their Opera-Link clone?

    • WOFall says:

      What? Firefox used to leave this stuff to extensions.

      • Asknobody says:

        Mozilla devs left so many things to extensions devs, that soon when users will start complaining about memory holes and slowness, Mozilla devs will say “hey, thats what are extensions for. We will keep experimenting with future standards and awesome ideas like Panorama. FF is perfect now. If you have any issues, just use extensions, bro”

  4. Hitherehowareyoutoday says:

    Has Mozilla given up on being original?

  5. Whyamiusingthis says:

    Release a new version just to include speed dial?


    • Asknobody says:

      Thats new FF development cycle. +v1 – for a new feature, +v1 – for stabilizing after added new feature, +v1 – fixing some bugs, +v1 – for a new feature..

  6. Ben says:

    I use the Fast Dial extension for my Home page. What I like about Fast Dial that
    none of the other alternatives have, is the ability to have tranparent
    backgrounds in the dials for icons. Here’s my setup:

  7. sk says:

    None of the browsers could ever beat Opera in it’s own game.