Download Google Chrome 16 Beta

By | November 16, 2011 | 17 Comments

Download Google Chrome 16 BetaAfter releasing the final version of Google Chrome 15 a couple of weeks ago, the search giant has since then pushed Google Chrome 16 into a Beta channel, which includes a really smart feature.

Google Chrome 16 Beta Changelog

As with every software release, you can expect various bug and security related fixes. However, the one feature that has been added is a support for multiple profiles on a same computer.

Download Google Chrome 16 Beta

What does that mean?

If you are not the only one who uses the same PC, chances are, other people might not really care about your bookmarks or other settings. In addition to that, their bookmarks might annoy you as well.

The solution?

Use Google Chrome 16. All you have to do now is sign in and enjoy the personalized version of Chrome.

Pretty cool, eh?

Download Google Chrome 16 Beta.

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  • Qwerty

    Is there anyone who finds this feature useful?
    Firefox offered multiple profiles too, I don’t know if it has it now. But I doubt any long-time user of Firefox or Opera will give their browser up for Chrome.

    • Tiago Sá

      Firefox has it, yes, but it’s not as good as Chrome’s, and certainly not as discoverable.

      But then again, that’s like saying a rock offers more reliability than a cellphone. You still wouldn’t use a rock to phone your mates.

      • Qwerty

        Yoy mean Firefox is a “rock” here? Or Chrome? 

      • Rafael

        Firefox has it? What do you mean? The ability to have multiple profiles manually can’t be considered to be the new Chrome feature.

    • Asknobody

      You probably mean that to enable it, you have to tweak something somewhere somehow in config?

      • Qwerty

        Yeah it was kind of tricky. Never used it myself, though. Just tried once to see what it actually is.

    • sedkfndsk

      here we go again – my browser is cooler than yours => im cooler than you

      idiots, when will you grow up?

      • Qwerty

        What we are doing is called “Expressing opinions”. But anyway it’s too complicated to be understood by an idiot and sucker like you.

      • Rafael

        OMG what a terrible image…
        Almost LOLed… Ok…


    • Rafael

      Managing multiple OS user accounts is a PITA so I find this feature useful, if it would be implemented in other way though…

      I don’t want to have two Google accounts to have two users, I wish I could just set two accounts: one
      whether with a password or not for me and another for the rest of my family.

  • Mikah

    The solution?    is to switch users  or use Chromium for the second user.

  • Jordan

    Still bloated. Still no features. Still a botnet.

    No thanks. <3

  • Bessie Fernandes

    Its all greek to me but perhaps time will tell. For now, its just wonderful.

  • Bessie

    As it is now late and I have had a long day I am losing my grip so will say no more.

  • Bessie Fernandes


  • Bessie Fernandes

    There is nothing more to say today 17 Nov 2011

  • Bessie Fernandes

    No comment