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By | October 26, 2011

Google Chrome 15 Final Screenshot

With redesigned tab page and other goodies.

Back in September, the search giant has released a beta version of Google Chrome 15 web browser, which introduced a redesigned “Tab Page”.

After a month of testing and bug squashing, Google Chrome 15 has been precisely polished and as of now, can be downloaded from the “Stable Builds” channel.

Thanks to a new, Maxthon like design, users can switch between the recently visited web pages and their favorite apps. In addition to that, a few customizations can be made by simply clicking on the app icon itself (as see in the screenshot below).

Google Chrome 15 Final Apps

As far as other changes go, Google Chrome 15 includes a variety of security related fixes and those are always welcome.

Download Google Chrome 15 Stable.

Via: Google Chrome Blog

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  1. Kjdfng says:

    id say chrome is okay, but its adblocking isnt as good as firefox’s

  2. greggbacon says:

    I’m using it now but im having problems with it because I cant seem to find ”Compact Navigation” in about:flags. Where the heck did it go?? Also I dont like the new tab page because I never used ‘Most Visited’ its pretty annoying to me how i cant hide it. Soo yeah im not liking this new Chrome 15 :(

  3. LSD says:

    you can get adblock for chrome but it takes all the speed out of it

    also +1 for the new tab page being a backwards step

  4. Armin says:

    What does the “m” mean after the version number and does anyone else have it?

  5. Anonymous says:

    What’s Maxthon-like about Chrome 15?

    • Rafael says:

      Maxthon has multiple pages for pages, not for apps, etc.

      Chrome is crappier now, it’s incredible when you think something can’t be worse and this happens.

    • Mikah says:

      The speed dial looks similar but the implantation is a lot worse than Maxthon’s 

  6. Yesuifen20 says:

    g squashing, Google Chrome 15 has been precisely polished and as of now, can be downloaded from th

  7. Google Chrome Download says:

    Google chrome improving to be a leader in browsers