Opera: Go Back To Previous Page Without Reloading It

By | January 23, 2012

Opera: Go Back To Previous Page Without Reloading ItWorks for going forward as well.

If for one reason or another you would like to go back to the previous page without waiting for it to reload, here is a setting to speed up your browsing experience:

Paste the following code to your address bar
Set “History Navigation Mode” to 3

That was easy, wasn’t?

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  1. Comments work now :)

    • Saex Conroy says:

       now i can finally saw whats on my mind – this is useless, opera is so much behind

      • NT says:

        If you consider opera behind for this reason…. this is a very long ago implemented feature where it fetches the page directly from cache.

        • Shane Bundy says:

          He’s a known troll (no offence, Conroy).

        • Saex Conroy says:

           i can back myself up on that one – the only browsers that have this feature that i use (middle click the BACK of FWRD button to open the previous or the next page in a tab in the background) only works for firefox and chrome, but not for opera, i like opera, but every time i isntall it and try to use it as an only browser, i get frustrated at how it lacks something that im really used to

          • Mikah says:

            Not the same but its so easy to right click the tab & clone, it will have the same browser history so you can switch to it any time & go back or forward.
            Another way would be Ctrl H to open the history panel expand the site you want & its very easy to middle click any page to open in a new tab.

          • Saex Conroy says:

             nothing prevents them from adding it so that it would work like on firefox and chrome i just dont see why wont they just do it already

          • Mikah says:

            If they did I doubt many would use it, I wonder how many Firefox users use it seems pretty obscure & if you open help in FF its not mentioned in mouse shortcuts,personally I think Ctrl H is better, it works in Firefox as well.

      • Mikah says:

        What is useless is your ignorant post.

  2. NotBotNet says:

    Hey author thanks for the tip(been using opera since version 9.60+ and didnt know this feature)

    BTW, a little offtopic can you help me on something?

    i have connection of 1 MBPS Broadband connection(i know opera is already faster at loading webpages but i want it to make it more faster..im using 11.60 stable and soon 11.61 stable build when it comes)

    my setup is 32/64 in network dialog in advanced CTRL+F12 and tweaked a lot of configs in opera:config like changing these codes

    Delayed Script Execution should be unchecked by defaultHTTP Loading Delayed Timeout(default)First Update (0)Update Delay (0)

    and “redraw instantly”

    with this setup i make opera more faster than the default installation

    HOWEVER, i want to make things more faster than that

    so in summary, what is the best setup “Max connections to a server  and “Max Total Connections” for a 1 MBPS broadband Internet”?

    im sorry for offtopic and i desperately need help)i dont know where else to ask this beside this site)

    advanced thanks for helping though(if you did)

    • Shane Bundy says:

      I’ve found best results with 8 connections per server and 128 max global connections. :)

      • NotBotNet says:

        I have tried your suggestion and so far im liking it(11.60 stable build) but since 11.61 is officially out gonna try it there and i have tons of customization to make opera faster at everything on what i do(from UI to internet browse)

        also, i found another tip

        disabling the “Enable UI Animation” in opera:config makes the UI more responsive

        (for power users who likes browsing with 100+ tabs open)

        very useful.

    • Mikah says:

      “what is the best setup “Max connections to a server and “Max Total Connections” for a 1 MBPS broadband Internet”
      the default is 16 & 64 but with a slow connection like yours I would try reducing  the number of connection’s. Try increasing the number as well you just have to experiment to find the best fit.

  3. Martin Suchan says:

    This is the default behavior, afaik, and also the reason I use Opera – I really, I mean REALLY hate in IE9 or other browsers when I leave page in certain state by clicking a link and then go back – the loading takes couple of seconds and the page looks different now. In Opera the loading of previous page is instant, it’s in the same state and also all form fields are there as before – WIN.

    • Mikah says:

      It used to be the default behaviour in Opera 9 the default is now 1 which is Auto.
      Open opera:config & search for history & look for history navigation, fast mode is 3

  4. Mikah says:

    Thanks for a great  post :)
    Opera lost its zip after version 9 going backwards & forwards on a page  & now I know why they stopped using fast mode for history navigation.
    Tried it on several pages with history depths of approximately 20 to 40 links & it works perfectly every link opens instantly.
    Best tip I’ve found for Opera for ages.

  5. adumpaul says:

    Nice useful information.Thank you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    OK. Now I have to submit all 3000 features of browsers as news items.

    Get ready to be Spammed.