Firefox 9 Release Date, JM And Type Inference Engine Numbers

By | September 13, 2011

Firefox 9 Release Date, JM And Type Inference Engine Numbers

With the upcoming addition of Type Inference, a new JavaScript type inference engine for Firefox 9, Mozilla has recently included its benchmark results in the AreWeFastYet web site.

According to the source, Jaegermonkey with TI enabled scores well above its predecessors and even manages to beat Google Chrome in the SunSpider JavaScript test.

Firefox 9 Release Date, JM And Type Inference Engine Numbers

Although Firefox 9 still has a long way to go, if Mozilla does stick to the schedule, it will be moved from Nightly to Aurora channel on September 27th, then to Beta channel sometime in November with the Final Firefox 9 release following later this year aka December.

Picture Source: FavBrowser.

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  1. An Przemek says:

    Wonder if V8 have something similar?
    If not, then I wonder if introducing TI to V8 would speed it even more?

  2. Simon Kornblith says:

    Firefox has beaten Chrome at SunSpider since Firefox 4.

  3. danwat1234 says:

    When in the world will Mozilla make Firefox be able to take advantage of more than 1 CPU? When I tell FF8 to restore 25 tabs, the firefox.exe process is begged close to 50% CPU usage (1 full core 100% utilized), and this is on a very beefy internet connection. I have done many tests and have concluded that Firefox’s rendering engine cannot use more than 1 CPU, which is retarded because Google Chrome does! Up to 1 core per tab.