Maxthon 3: Feature for Fans!

By | September 13, 2011

Maxthon 3: Feature for Fans!That’s how it should be done.

Here comes something exciting for all the Maxthon fans. In an effort to thank its users, China’s most popular web browser asks you to decide, what should be implemented next?

Here are all the available options:

– Lock Browser
Lock the browser to let others unable to see your web pages when you leave.

– Magic Fill Button
Manage your Magic Fill forms in a single button in the toolbar. Find your sites with form in a clear list.

– Preserve Page Zoom Setting
Change the size of the web page, that setting is preserved in the next time you visit the site.

– Open Links in New Tabs
Enable to open links in new tabs.

– Duplicate Tab
Clone a tab and open it next to original.

– Drag and Open in New Window
Drag a tab to move to a new window.

Voting ends on September 20th and you can cast your vote in the following page.

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  1. Jkefgnore says:

    maxthon will never be famous and it has many useless features, like these, which i will never use, and id prefer to have them as addons instead

    • It was downloaded more than 600 million times, 300 million alone in the last 20 months.

      • Mikah says:

        Guess that proves theres a lot of people in China but is that relevant ?

      • guest says:

        “It was downloaded more than 600 million times, 300 million alone in the last 20 months.”

        Yeah, right. You don’t seriously believe their lies, do you?

      • guest says:

        “It was downloaded more than 600 million times, 300 million alone in the last 20 months.”

        Yeah, right. You don’t seriously believe their lies, do you?

        • Mikah says:

          In this case yes its a Chinese browser there are a lot of Chinese 

          • Guest says:

            Just like those UC Browser guys, the Maxthon guys are lying. UCB said they were the #1 browser in India and other countries but not even Statcounter supported that. There’s basically nothing to support Maxthons claims.

            They are lying about their numbers to get attention. Not the first time they are lying to get you to think they are more important than they actually are.

            Thats how they roll in China.

          • Rafael says:

            Do you think normal users analyze statistic data before using a product?
            And they aren’t lying, they were the 2nd most used browser in China but Chrome just passed it.

          • Guest says:

            UC Browser is a mobile browser. I also mentioned India, and not China. UC Browser is an example of Chinese lies to make it look like they are important and successful.

            And being #2 on the desktop in China is kind of lame since it’s less than 4%!

          • Guest says:

            ROFL. You still quote numbers from a Chinese company? Don’t you get it by now? They can’t be trusted! UC Browser #1 in India? Maxthon more than 100M active users? ROFLMAO!

          • Guest says:

            ROFL, quote from that PDF:


            Maxthon the first with tabs! In 2005!Now do you get it? Liars, all of them.

          • Guest says:

            ROFL, that PDF is a goldmine of pure comedy! 

            Quote: “Unlike
our  competition,
speed increases.”

            ROFLMAO! Only Maxthon has a team working on performance, eh?

          • Rafael says:

            Hahaha! I can’t believe it, I knew there was something wrong about Maxthon!!!

    • warrantyvoid says:

      and what are these many “useless” features? Don’t complain because a browser offers you features o.O And there will probably be add-on-support if the number of users increases.

      I love Maxthon because it’s just extremely fast and gives me a great surfing experience. Also, features like mouse gestures and the speed dial are things for which you have to / had to download add-ons in most of the other browsers (a long time opera was the only browser to support both of them natively).
      The only thing I hate are Maxthon’s problems with textboxes (e.g. when writing a comment).

      • Jkefgnore says:

        is it faster than Firefox or Chrome? no.
        does it support as much web standards as they do? no.
        can i disable the useless features or rearrange the items on the panels? no.

        if i cant use the browser the way im used to, why should i bother using it, i give it a go every now and then, hoping they have fixed this and that, but what do they do instead?? every time i installed its even more cluttered and bloated

        • Rafael says:

          Maxthon – – 306 and 9 bonus points.

          • Kdsneg9 says:

            dude, trust me, there is this feature in only Firefox and Chrome, when you middle-click the back (or fwrd button) the previous page opens in a new tab, also firefox opens tabs when you middle-click the empty space next to tabs (where they should populate it, sadly chrome doesnt have it, but with or without it id still use it if Firefox starts to suck)

            so there are those small functions im really used with, while Maxthon has its seperate Undo Closed Tab Button .. really retarded – the browser isnt thought out tho an end, and if it wasnt for the Webkit (some users might still have IE 6, 7 or 8, so they would have had the awful rendering in Maxthon thanks to their outdated version of IE) … reeeeeeeealy stupid

            use it if you like it, i tried once or twice, it doesnt have things i need and it has tons of stuff i will never use

          • Rafael says:

            You’re right about middle-clicking the tab bar, it doesn’t creates a new tab.

            Back in history in New Tab != Undo closed tab.

            Back in history in New Tab: It’d be great to have, I miss it actually, having to clone the tab and back to not lose the actual one (already suggested to Opera)… But I miss other things more important (that I use more everyday) in these other browsers like the ability to open searches and links in the current tab and via the address bar (Ctrl & Shift modifiers) not to mention an extent list of behaviors.

            As you see I use Opera (it also does the new tab with middle-click) but I have Maxthon installed and it’s a real alternative for escaping the Google’s Chromium-based world of browsers and Apple. It also have unique features and if they do it right they can save China from Trident domination.

          • Mikah says:

            Maxthon is a Chinese browser its  controlled by the Chinese government & also uses the Trident engine I doubt it will be delivering China into a Golden age of enlightenment.

          • Rafael says:

            Latest Maxthon version is WebKit-based with option to load pages with Trident.
            I’m not sure about how much China controls the company.

          • Mikah says:

            ” Speed: just as good.
            Maxthon – – 306 and 9 bonus points, a good score, above Safari, Opera and IE. ”
            Thats not a speed test its a conformance test.

          • Rafael says:

            These are separated sentences.

          • Mikah says:

            noted:  regarding speed Maxthon is not just as good its Super Fast
            “Super FastMaxthon 3 comes with a browser engine that draws web pages 200% faster than Google Chrome”
            A quote from the Maxthon home site. 

          • Rafael says:

            HUAHAUHAAUHU I haven’t noticed these things before!

      • Mikah says:

        I’m an Opera user & actually tried  Maxthon 3 it’s lacking so many features that are built into Opera or have very poor implementations of them . 
        What did work was Mouse Gestures & Speed dial .
        Maxthon 3 at this time cannot compete with Opera , Chrome or Firefox its just not good enough.
        I suggest you try out some alternative browsers.

    • Rafael says:

      If you don’t want a feature just don’t use it, other people might not find useless.

      Now I’m curious. What would you like to see in a browser? Or, what would you like to see in Mx?

    • grg says:

      Wait doesnt addons slow your browser down? and correct me if im wrong that features out of the box dont!. It took me a few to understand maxthon out and its full potential /skin changing/hide/customize..but to say they have useless features thats a naughty thing to say.

      ~maxthon user at the momment..

  2. Rafael says:

    The relevancy of things should not be counted by how many people use it at first place. This discussion has no relevancy.