Internet Explorer 10 New Feature, Screenshots

By | September 13, 2011

Internet Explorer 10 New Feature, Screenshots

From Microsoft’s BUILD Conference.

As BUILD conference continues, here are some of the screenshots we took during the Internet Explorer 10 mini preview running the Immersive UI.

Internet Explorer 10 Features, Screenshots

Internet Explorer 10 Features, Screenshots

Multi Touch IE10 Test Drive
Internet Explorer 10 New Feature, Screenshots

Internet Explorer 10 Features, Screenshots

Furthermore, Microsoft has revealed a new feature which allows users to quickly share the content across the web.

Internet Explorer 10 Features, Screenshots

During the presentation, one of the company’s representatives did select a part of the text via Internet Explorer 10 and with the help of a simple gesture, accessed the following sidebar:

Internet Explorer 10 Features, Screenshots

Internet Explorer 10 Features, Screenshots

Pretty cool, eh?

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  1. IE & Opera FanBoy says:

    Awwsome!! Seems like most perfect tablet browser.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Way to go stealing Opera features (again).   Visual Tabs and Speed Dials…..

    • What will you say when Opera “steals” hardware acceleration from IE?

      • Maxim says:

        Yea… and by “steals hardware acceleration from IE” you mean develop their own WebGL version of it from ground up which is the only one on the marker which supports cross platforms. Not defending his post, but yours is just plain stupid… 

        • Apriorimeister says:

          No, you can’t say that because IE doesn’t support WebGL and doesn’t plan to. Also, one could defend IE for implementing visual tabs and the speed dial using the exact same argument you are. Anyhow, shouldn’t we as users be happy when a browser implements a universally liked feature even if it was created by one of it’s competitors? As long as it wasn’t patented I don’t see any problem with doing that.

          • Mikah says:

            I can totally understand other browsers copying Opera what I find harder to understand is why they take so long over it.

        • Apriorimeister says:

          And also, you are wrong about the “only one on the market which supports cross platforms” as Firefox supports hardware acceleration on all three major platforms – Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

          • Mikah says:

            Some graphics cards don’t support OpenGL I think Opera is the only Browser working on Direct3D & WebGL
            “Our hardware acceleration is a bit different from what other browsers have implemented. Most of them do full hardware acceleration of all draw operations, but only on Windows Vista and Windows 7 – dropping to a more limited set of accelerated draw operations on other platforms. Our implementation will feature full acceleration on any OS with sufficient hardware support. This means we can also use fully hardware accelerated draw operations on Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS X and OpenGL ES 2 capable devices such as recent smart-phones and web-enabled TVs”

          • Apriorimeister says:

            That is not actually true, because Firefox supports full hardware acceleration in the form of Direct2D on Windows 7 and Vista, in the form of Direct3D on Windows XP and in the form of OpenGL on both Linux and Mac OS X.

          • Mikah says:

            Thanks for the correction I wasn’t sure which is why i included the ” I think ” 
            Good to know Firefox isn’t leaving Windows XP users behind unlike Microsoft who do not have the resources to support XP users.

      • Apriorimeister says:

        Vygantai, gali galbut sujungti mano abu postus ir istrinti sita? Aciu.

      • Anonymous says:

        When Opera do it, I will say “Thank god it’s cross-platform on ALL flavors of Windows (not artificially locked only to Windows 7), Linux and Mac and using Open technologies like OpenGL in addition to Microsoft’s proprietary DirectX”

        • Mikah says:

          Opera also plan to support some smart-phones and web-enabled TVs , sounds like they’ve got a hard task ahead I hope they succeed.

      • Guest says:

        “What will you say when Opera “steals” hardware acceleration from IE? :)”

        IE had hardware acceleration before June 2008, when Opera showed off a hardware acceleration demo?

        Mozilla also started working on hardware acceleration before it was added to IE I think.

  3. Rafael says:

    I like how it searches for websites and visually show them (Favicon + URL: ), perfect for tablet experience. I just would prefer they were thumbnails.

  4. IE & Opera FanBoy says:

    Now its time for Opera, Firefox, Safari & Chrome to brush up their interface for Windows 8 tablets. If they also choose to build based on Metro UI, then their application will fill more native to the user and true competition and innovation will be born from there with less difference.  

  5. duri says:

    Has somebody else noticed that amazing jump in support for web technologies? CSS3 3D transforms, animations, transitions, finally also text-shadow; Web Sockets (!!!), Indexed DB and many more.

  6. Where have I seen that UI before? Oh, that’s right! Sugar!

    Some innovate, while others duplicate.