Internet Explorer 10: Microsoft Immersive Browser

By | April 1, 2011

Internet Explorer 10: Microsoft Immersive Browser

Even though it’s April Fools Day, there has been some interesting information floating around about the upcoming (possibly IE10) web browser from Microsoft called Immersive Browser.

Before you dismiss this info as yet another joke, here is what you need to know: MS has uploaded the Windows 8 M2 (Milestone 2) build to its partners on Microsoft Connect a couple of days ago. Now obviously, once you share something with quite a few people, there is a high probability of a leak and OS screenshots (and that’s exactly what happened).

Guys at GeekSmack and WinReview have got their hands on this Windows 8 build and found the following: there is a new folder called “Microsoft.ImmersiveBrowser” and it includes these files:

Internet Explorer 10: Microsoft Immersive Browser

Furthermore, registry and .dll files all over the Windows 8 hints about the upcoming OS interface (which is locked in “public” builds) codenamed Immersive UI.

Internet Explorer 10: Microsoft Immersive Browser

From the looks of it, we can speculate that design is clearly influenced by Metro UI, currently available on Windows Phone 7 and Zune devices.

Internet Explorer 10: Microsoft Immersive Browser
Picture Source: Blogote

Whether it’s a desktop or tablet version (Windows 8 tablet edition is rumored for an early 2012 release with the public demonstration later this summer) remains to be seen.

What’s your take on Metro UI? Love it or hate it?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That looks ugly.

    The bottom looks like window 98.

    Ok microsoft:

    -change the registry
    – get rid of dll
    – WinFS when?

    Employ some guy from deviant art.