Download Opera 12.02

By | August 31, 2012

Download Opera 12.02As we wait for the Alpha/Beta release of the Opera 12.50, here is something to keep you busy for a little while: an update for the 12.x branch.

So what has changed? Not much, however, there is one important thing to note: as reported earlier, to improve web browser stability, Opera 12.02 disables the out of process plugins for the 32 bit Windows operating systems.

As far as other changes go, there is one security fix and few other fixes.

Opera 12.02

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  1. doIneedaname? says:

    Why does Opera go 12.02 RC 1 then stable 12.02 ?

    • It is a very very minor update, dont expect 3 RCs before, actually I was surprised there was even an RC, expected to just jump straight to next version.

      I would expect tons of beta and RC for 12.50.

    • hotteamix says:

      RC is what it is: Release Candidate. If it was deemed stable enough without critical bug, it’ll turn the very same build as release.

      RC was onlyl supposed to come out once, it’s beta that should have multiple. But this rules blur as development continue.

  2. fffu says:

    Still slow as usual.