Opera 12.5 Supports SPDY. Tip: Remove The Lighting Bolt Icon

By | August 30, 2012

Opera 12.5 Supports SPDY. Tip: Remove The Lighting Bolt IconWith the recent pre-alpha release of the Opera 12.50, Norwegian browser maker has implemented a much anticipated, SPDY networking protocol, which was previously available only in the Lab builds.

Unfortunately, the current SPDY connection indicator is not well implemented. Instead of displaying it in the address bar, Opera relies on the extension which might annoy those, who prefer clean and minimalistic UI. The good news: you can disabled it.

Here is how:

– Go to the “Manage Extensions” page (or simply right click on the lightning bolt icon)

Opera 12.5 Supports SPDY. Tip: Remove The Lighting Bolt Icon

– Click “Uninstall”

That’s it, restart is not necessary.

In case you you are wondering about the performance improvements over the old and well-known HTTP protocol, check our “SPDY vs. HTTP Benchmarks” article.

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  1. Grrblt says:

    The extension is obviously just a placeholder.

  2. metude says:

    “The SPDY indicator is just an extension, and just to make it easier to test. Doubt there will be anything in future builds.” https://twitter.com/opvard/status/240717901252923392

  3. I'm still nobody!! says:

    Finally they nailed that FS API – been waiting for that for some time. :-)