Latest Opera 12.02 Build Ditches The Out Of Process Plugins

By | August 15, 2012

Latest Opera 12.02 Build Ditches The Out Of Process PluginsWindows only.

Even though the final build of Opera 12 disabled the hardware acceleration feature by default with stability to blame, users still enjoyed another significant improvement: the out of process plugins.

Now, according to the official blog post, the latest Opera 12.02 build will disable such feature as well, at least for the 32 bit versions of Windows builds.

Why? You guessed it, stability issues.

So far, this is the only change for the 12.02 snapshot and we will keep you updated on its progress.

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  1. Andylee_Sato says:

    how do I upgrade from 32 to 64 bit version without losing mail + settings + addons?

  2. Dan7960 says:

    Why don’t opera just recommend users to upgrade to an alternative browser?

    • We Opera users dont depend on recommendations, wether they come from Opera itself or not.

      • Dan7960 says:

        No, instead you stick to Opera out of some backwards sense of loyalty to a company that couldn’t care any less about you even if they tried. FYI, I was an Opera user until 12.0.

        • hotteamix says:

          We Opera users dont depend on other users pitiful butthurt. It works great here so why would I not be using it?

          • Dan7960 says:

            Whenever I hear an Opera fan saying “it works great here” or something similar, I become suspicious. I know from experience Opera doesn’t work “great”. The ONLY reason you stick to using Opera is through a misplaced sense of loyalty to a company that has no respect for you. I mean, talking to Opera fans is like being at the Zoo and watching the chimpanzees following the alpha male around, It’s pathetic.

            I use whichever software is best for what I need to do, regardless of who made it. Opera wasn’t good enough, so I dumped it. You want to continue using it? Go right ahead.

          • Opera crashed 4 times in a row while I tried to load this post, it’s awful and buggy but the reason I use it is simple: RSS reader and a non laggy speed dial (hence no switch to Maxthon)

            Too bad no other browsers can offer that

          • dan7960 says:

            I am aware of your reason for using Opera, although I cannot relate nor find any reasonable justification for them them. In my mind, Operas speed dial feature, whilst being good, is hardly enough to warrant putting up with incompatible websites, constant freezes and numerous random crashes. As for RSS, there are alternatives out there, one need only look. I personally use Google Reader now. It’s arguably not as good but it does what I need it todo. 

          • Rafael says:

            Maybe I can show enough reasons why I use the software with my (now old) text: Why not to use Google Chrome or other browsers, or why I use Opera.

            And I could make one text about how Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, Google and Maxthon aren’t as ethical in the business scene as Opera is. They cheat and make things harder, they go from praising themselves for implementing features Opera had years ago and hiding Opera did it, not admitting it ever, from breaking the web by not respecting standards (implementation in the browsers they make and in the making of their own websites) to lying.

            My only gripe about Opera was they had some vendor prefixes on some CSS proprieties, but now they’re almost 100% gone.
            They could accept more suggestions from the community, yes, but so the others. I think it’s actually useless to try to suggest a feature to Chrome, it’ll be lost in the forum and never be implemented, unless they came with the idea from inside and decided to implement, coinciding. Tell me good examples of suggestions from users that got into other browsers…

          • hotteamix says:

            This issue doesn’t seems to be universal for all 12.5 (newest snapshot) users.

            Maybe I can just consider myself lucky that most things work right here.

          • Mikah says:

            Try installing the portable version its an option in the installer

          • jayjam says:

            There’s a 12.5 version? I thought it wasn’t even a beta yet. Yet you are saying it’s been released already???

          • hotteamix says:

            Great! ad hominem right away, as expected.

            FYI, I don’t really care either whatever software you’re using, I’m just informing you that it work great here and that’s a reason enough for whoever using the browser. Not out of “some misplaced sense of loyalty” or some conspiracy theory you seems fond to believe.

            If Opera Software went bankrupt here and now and no longer develop Opera browser, it wouldn’t mean the end of the world for me. I would at most be greatly inconvenienced with learning one or two things from other browser and missing some features until I’m done with extension hunting.

          • dan7960 says:

            A conspiracy? I didnt say anything about a conspiracy. I’m talking about the attitude I’ve experienced from some Opera users telling me how great it is. I cant except that Opera works fine for you with absolutely no issues, and not for me and most other people. Therefore, I believe people who use Opera and have used it for along time do so out of loyalty. Or perhaps they believe Opera has some amazing feature which they couldn’t possibly live without and which no other browser has – which is absolutely false, especially now that Opera are removing more features than they’re adding. But who knows what Opera 12.50 will bring? If they continue to focus on stability and compatibility as they are doing, it might actually be a solid release.

          • Mikah says:

            Get over yourself you are not the centre of the universe ; so your installation of Opera is buggy you cannot take a sample of one & extrapolate to a conclusion that Opera is buggy for everyone.

            Regarding out of process plugins I was hardly enjoying them they were causing crashes & I’ve had to resort to using the context menu open with several times its annoying but Opera is still the best browser for me.

          • dan7960 says:

            Right.. but you just said Opera is buggy and annoying?

          • Mikah says:

            Its relative Opera is less annoying than the other browsers.
            It has problems with out of process plugins apart from that I find it reliable.

          • dan7960 says:

            The release of version 12.0 with OOPP is when I had to say goodbye to Opera. That feature should never have been released. Not to mention right-click bookmark context menu being broken, random crashes when writing messages on Gmail, and the ongoing issues with BBC iPlayer. Opera does my head in.

        • Anom says:

          I use Opera because is exactly what i need to navigate over the internet, you don’t like the new Opera? fine, get over it.

        • Non sense, I use because it works for me. It was the last browser I used, that means I tried the others first but was disappointed for whatever reason.

        • jayjam says:

          Boo hoo, Dan7960. So some people choose Opera. How terrible! Good thing you are here to teach them the Right Way(TM)!

    • max1c says:

      You are both funny and stupid. More stupid than funny though.

  3. Shane Bundy says:

    My suggestion got through although I’m sure others have wanted this as much as I have. Hopefully we can get pre-Opera 12 performance while still having the opportunity to use the latest snapshots (as in having the option to disable OoPP like in Firefox).

  4. cristianer says:

    I think now Opera works better.

  5. Merijn says:

    Oh thank GOD. My laptop is several years old and Flash performnce was HORRID ever since the out of process plugins.

  6. Prevacator says:

    Jesus Christ. I thought my precious Firefox was behind the times with not having multi-process support like IE and Chrome. But not even having plug-ins running in a separate process?

    What the fuck are you doing Opera devs?

    • jayjam says:

      Let me see… If having plugins in a separate process is causing problems, why is it a mistake to disable it temporarily, until it’s fixed?

      • Hiram says:

        I think it’s fairly obvious that what he’s saying is that every other major browser has had out of process plugins for quite some time now and that Opera is significantly far behind, and not that it’s a problem that they are disabling this feature.

        • Rafael says:

          Opera has and will continue to have OOPP on Linux and Mac, and until it isn’t optimal on Windows it’ll stay disabled.

          I haven’t any crashes in months with both versions anyway so the benefit of OOPP (avoid crashes caused by plug-ins) didn’t make it any better or worse for me yet.

          • Hiram says:

            So, a fraction of their user base will continue to have OOPP – that’s good. However, that in no way counteracts the point that Opera is significantly far behind in this and other respects.

          • Rafael says:

            And far ahead in all the other aspects. Thanks for reminding me of this, and that Opera is behind in all the things that don’t affect me.
            —– Reply message —–

          • Hiram says:

            I suppose there’s no real point in arguing with a fanatic, especially on the internet.

          • Rafael says:

            Really? Am I fanatic? It makes me so sad and now living is so hard I think you won the discussion! :P