Download Google Chrome 17 Beta

By | January 10, 2012

Download Google Chrome 17 BetaNow with sites pre-loading and safe browsing.

A new Google Chrome release has recently hit the streets, which can now be downloaded from the official page as version 17 (Beta).

Including various tweaks and bug fixes, Google Chrome 17 also brings two new features that will benefit both hardcore and new users.

Announced last year, a pre-load feature is now enabled by default and will load your sites before you even hit the enter button when typing URL in your address bar.

In addition to that, Google Chrome 17 will protect the everyday users by informing them on possibly malicious files that they are trying to download. This is an expanded functionality feature introduced with the Chrome 12 release.


Google Chrome 17 Beta.

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  1. Cris says:

    i love CHROME and G00GLE 

  2. Agent J says:

     Tracking, no features, and memory bloat. I’ll pass.

    • Anonymous says:

      What ever. It is still popular than anything out there

      • Lereja says:

        spoken like a true sheep

        • Anonymous says:


          What are you team Firefox?

          Team Opera?

          You probably think the iPhone is the best phone on the planet.

          Probably think android users are poor.

          Probably like android.

          Think Iphone users are dumb for paying too much on a hyped up phone.

          Think how cool you are that you can get a comparable or better phone for less money.

          You probably like nvidia because ATI drivers suck 

          Probably like ATi because it is cheaper and runs better/cooler/faster/smarter than it’s NVIDIA bretheren.

          Probably think Mercedes and BMW are hyped overpriced cars

          You much rather have a mazerati or Ferrari.

          Look at the statistics for chrome. Do you see that rise in adoption. Almost linear.

          Now ask yourself how long did it take for the other browsers to reach adoption at that rate?

          It is not just that google can promote chrome either. 

          I am speaking with regards to these stats.

          What do you have to back up your statement.

          Let me tell you.

          I have NO ABSOLUTE preferences for any product.

          Quite the contrary. I own a vast range of products. Although I do have a foundness for some rather than others, I will continue to use/buy try other products.

          I am a fan of diversity. You have no right to call me a sheep.

    • AndroidGuest says:

      i like the feature in chrome when you type in popular websites like youtube it says you can press the tab then i can search in a jiffy

  3. Saex Conroy says:

    chrome sure will become even more popular, i hope it takes the 1st place of internet explorer. though i will remain using firefox for the time being, unless something drastic occurs and forces me to change browsers, and i like all of them, im not a fan of a specific browser, i just use the one that suits me best