1 Major Firefox Release Per Year For The Enterprises

By | January 11, 2012

1 Major Firefox Release Per Year For The EnterprisesFollowing a backlash from the enterprises and various organizations, Mozilla has decided to go with Microsoft’s strategy and will now release only one major Firefox release per year, at least for the institutions.

According to the open source organization, ESR (Extended Support Release) version of Firefox will continue to receive various security updates but will leave Web or Add-ons platform with no changes whatsoever.

While additional details will be revealed within a week, you can check the ESR wiki page for mailing list subscription.

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Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded FavBrowser.com. Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. IE & Opera Fanboy says:

    Thanks Mozilla

  2. Asknobody says:

    Refreshing. Mozilla is starting to consider a feedback from FF users. Maybe soon we will see added new features that are innovative, not just copying and rip-offing rivaling browsers

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank god enterprises don’t use Firefox.

    Everyone should be on the Chrome model.  EVERYONE. (PS: Firefox is not on the Chrome model)

    • Scorpion3003 says:

      Everyone should be on chrome model?? two words: Hell No.

      • Anonymous says:

        Huh?  You would rather be notified with an annoying prompt every time Chrome releases a new build?  You  want to refuse improvements so that it becomes impossible for Chrome Team to control the quality of the brand?

        Do you really think it’s better to have a single browser’s ecosystem consist of dozens of versions?  Do you have any idea *at all* how unsustainable that is, and how enormous of a problem it is for Mozilla right now?

        Nobody could make websites ever again if it more browsers had Mozilla’s monthly and OPTIONAL update cycle.  There would be – literally – hundreds of browsers to support.

        You did not think this through.  Go to your room.

        • Mikah says:

          You really don’t have a clue do you.If a firm or individual was on the Enterprise channel they would not be notified of changes to the main Firefox  channel.
          Any web pages that are coded correctly following standards should work in modern browsers & if older versions of Firefox have problems it will be an incentive for upgrading to later versions.
          Enterprises need stability & reliability much more than having the latest Firefox which  all too often  has bugs that get fixed in the next release.