Download Google Chrome 12 Final

By | June 7, 2011

Download Google Chrome 12 FinalGood news, Google has just released the stable version of Google Chrome 12, which can be downloaded from the following page.

The following version not only fixes a total of 12 security related vulnerabilities and rewards bug hunters with a total of $6837, but also includes some neat new features. Including but not limited to: 3D CSS hardware acceleration, ability to delete Flash cookies, improved screen reader support and protection against malicious downloads.

What else is new?

– Launch Apps by name from the Omnibox
– Integrated Sync into new settings pages
– New warning when hitting Command-Q on Mac
– Removal of Google Gears

Download Google Chrome 12 Final

If you would like to experience the excitement of the 3D CSS, there is a special Google Experiment titled “Shaun the Sheep“, which allows you to rotate and scale the video as well as enable the reflection.


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  1. DWBH says:

    Waiting for SRWare Iron and Comodo Dragon to update to latest stable chromium version :)).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Waiting for chrome V24 by 2012

  3. TGoo says:

    Good news, time to download it :)

  4. Greg says:

    This bug is so annoying black screen at the bottom ..happens most of the time for me 

    I have to close the tab and reopen a new one or any website is black box under my screen

    And top it all off I still cant view twitter profiles on chrome

    Yeah screw this im going back to Opera…