Apple Safari 5.1 Details

By | June 8, 2011

Apple Safari 5.1 DetailsAccording to various reports, Apple has released a developer preview build of its upcoming, Safari 5.1 web browser.

Weighting a total of 45.3 MB, Safari 5.1 includes a variety of new features and improvements for both Windows and Mac OS X users.

The following release improves graphics performance on Windows, brings media caching for video and audio web apps, separates browser’s rendering process from its application process, which improves overall browser responsiveness and stability.

Furthermore, Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Lion users will enjoy an increased security due to plug-in isolation.

As for various web standards, Safari 5.1 is set to support the Web Open Font Format (WOFF), Mathematical Markup Language (MathML), CSS3 Auto hyphenation, CSS3 Text Emphasis, CSS3 Vertical Text and more.

Overall, a much welcomed update.

For additional details, please visit the following post.

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  1. Sarjoor says:

    Hooray for separate renderers and plug-in isolation!!

  2. iPristy says:

    Maybe they will finally fix that quad slider on Safari download page when using Opera, and i have found 5.1 Dev, it’s just for MAC can’t do much with it.

  3. Shane Bundy says:

    Don’t you think Safari releases are too far apart? Mozilla, Google (and Microsoft) have implemented some form of reform to their release schedules so they can out new releases quicker.

    Having a new version every year is just bad for those users who want new features quicker (like me :P).

  4. Shane Bundy says: is NOT really Safari 5.1 for Windows. Just letting others know.

  5. David says:

    So it’s mainly a html5 update.