Download Firefox 6 Aurora

By | June 7, 2011

Download Firefox 6 Aurora

Recently, Mozilla has released the sixth version of its Firefox Aurora web browser, including a variety of changes for both everyday users and web developers.

Here is just a small list of Firefox 6 Aurora features:

Data Management Window
As seen in the screenshot above, Data Management Window (which can be accessed by typing in “about:permissions” ion the URL bar) allows users to control data access for the specific web sites, including: cookies, passwords and location information.

Add-ons Manager with Plugin Check
A quick way to verify the compatibility if your installed plugins straight from the Add-Ons Manager.

Panorama Groups on Demand
The following feature gives you an option to load saved tab groups only, boosting the overall startup performance.

Download Firefox 6 Aurora

The Scratchpad
Enables developers to build and test JavaScript snippets in their web browser.

Updated Web Console
Now you can move it to other parts of the window or even separate it as you please.

Web Developer Menu
Provides developers with a quick access to the specific tools via Firefox Aurora menu button.

In addition to that, Firefox 6 will include a variety of new web standards support and performance improvements. For even more changes and details, visit the following posts.

Download Firefox 6 Aurora.

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