Weekly Browsers Recap, September 6th

By | September 6, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, September 6th


Internet Explorer 9 vs. Google Chrome 7 vs. Firefox 4 (Hardware Acceleration)
As Google Chrome 7 (dev) now includes hardware acceleration, guys from DownloadSquad decided to…

August, 2010 – Firefox, Chrome, Safari Share Up; Opera, Internet Explorer – Down
With few major browser releases just around the corner, let’s find out how market share has changed…

Mozilla Castrates Firefox 4
It appears that in order to meet a set release deadline (that is Octobers or November of 2010)…

Google Chrome is 2 Years Old
Only 2 years ago, Google has released the very first build of Chrome web browser.

Maxthon 3 Review
Maxthon 3 is a hybrid web browser that combines both, Internet Explorer’s Trident and WebKit…

Skyfire Submitted to Apple’s App Store
Just as expected, Skyfire Team has submitted their mobile web browser into Apple’s App store…

HTML5 and Arcade Fire
Ever wondered what else can you do with HTML5?

Web Browser Questions and Answers
After a couple of requests, I have finally decided to launch a page that is ask.favbrowser.com


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  1. Rafael says:

    The most exciting news this week was Skyfire submitted to Apple App Store.
    Web Browser QA is an interesting project Vygantas. Can people find these QA on search engines?

  2. Daniel Hendrycks says:

    “In The Coming HTML5 Browser Wars, The Markup Should Remain The Same”
    That article is hilarious. The writer thought rounded corners was part of HTML5.