August, 2010 – Firefox, Chrome, Safari Share Up; Opera, Internet Explorer – Down

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August, 2010 – Firefox, Chrome, Safari Share Up; Opera, Internet Explorer – Down

With few major browser releases just around the corner, let’s find out how market share has changed over the past month.

After surprising 2 months market share increase in a row, this time Internet Explorer lost 0.34 of it, down from 60.74% to 60.40%.

Followed by a couple of bad months, Firefox market share has finally stabilized, moving up from 22.91% to 22.93% (0.02 point increase).

Having experienced its first market share decline, Google Chrome continues the uptrend, up from 7.16% to 7.52% (0.36 point increase).

Safari is also doing quite well, its market share climbed up from 5.09% to 5.16% (0.07 point increase).

Opera’s market share has been consolidating for a while now, this time it went down from 2.45% to 2.37% (0.08 point decrease), reaching March, 2010 levels.

Thanks to HitsLink for the graph.

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  • Rafael

    I think they might be detecting Opera 10.6x wrong on some systems, there are many UA-Strings to configure on their database…
    I might take a look in Linux later today.

    • Rafael

      Oops, wait I forgot they are a paid service……
      So, I’m out.

    • Andylee

      hehe… for sure I would like the have Opera’s market share go up but facts are that they lost this month… let’s see what the future brings…

      • TOOL

        Internet users in 2008 – 1.46 billion, in 2009 – 1.73 billion and in 2010 – 1.96 billion (source: Internet World Stat). Do you thing that 2.31% Opera market share in November is same than 2.37% in August 2010?

        • Andylee

          I know the numbers and I don’t say they lost USERS, I las they lost market share ;)

          • Rafael

            Great said…. I want to believe this.

  • hank

    Even though it has a 2.37% market share, I find that Opera is by far the most discussed browser here.

    • Ichann

      Some discussion.
      Between 10 – 12 people max.
      Come to think of it… It’s less than the whole worlds population. Which is what? 0.000000000000237?

    • Kirs


    • nvm

      It’s just because nobbie is constantly obsessing over Opera. If he stopped trolling about Opera, there wouldn’t be any Opera discussions here.

      • Ichann

        Its impossible not to discuss Opera though.
        Opera is like a disease here.

        • nvm

          I would rather say that the obsessive-compulsive anti Opera trolls are a disease. If it hadn’t been for them we’d be discussing Chrome and Firefox for the most part.

    • MarkG

      That because marketshare means nothing.  Those in the know, know that Opera is king.  Who cares what other people think.

      Most Americans use whatever the television tells them to use.

  • Armin

    Don’t flame me for asking please, but why do many websites use Net Market Share over StatCounter when I am always told by users how much better the latter is?

    • WT

      cuz its not

      • Armin

        How come?

        • Rafael

          I don’t know but I think the most used is Google Analytics.

    • nvm

      Both Net Applications and StatCounter are useless. Pick any of them. It doesn’t matter. The stats will be equally bogus.

    • Ron White

      StatCounter is not an granular as Net Market Share. For example, Statcounter does not distinguish between Safari for Windows and Safari for the Mac. Net Market Share does. And with Net Market Share, you can, with some digging, find out the fact that on the Windows front, more people use Maxthon than those who use Safari.

  • daddly

    fireofx download will increase madly at ff 4 launch , same goes for ie 9 . opera , and chrome and safari do not have anything special at the moment

    • Rafael

      That’s not true, it’s all about marketing.