Web Browser Questions and Answers

By | September 5, 2010

Web Browser Questions and Answers

After a couple of requests, I have finally decided to launch a page that is ask.favbrowser.com

What is it all about?
Essentially, it is a web browser questions and answers site. Therefore, as the content starts kicking in, ask.favbrowser.com will serve as a good knowledge base for web browser related issues.

Also, you can earn points for asking and answering questions.

Can you redeem points for any cool prizes?
Not yet, but stay tunned, there will certainly be a couple of them in the near future.

Visit web browser questions and answers page.

About (Author Profile)

Vygantas is a former web designer whose projects are used by companies such as AMD, NVIDIA and departed Westood Studios. Being passionate about software, Vygantas began his journalism career back in 2007 when he founded FavBrowser.com. Having said that, he is also an adrenaline junkie who enjoys good books, fitness activities and Forex trading.

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  1. daddly says:

    last questions I browse nobody bothered to answer.. so I doubt it …….

  2. Ichann says:

    Prett nice.
    Although this forum system is a little crude. Why must I click back to view edits. And when you edit comments there inst any WYSIWIG’ness
    All in all. It is good.
    Best of Luck.
    BTW: You gonna compile the answers into a Wiki?

    • Can you clarify on “edits” thing?

      As for wiki like database, probably not.

      Thanks for bug reports :-)

      • Ichann says:

        When you post an answer you get a ‘Comment has been successful posted’ message. Am I suppose to be redirected somewhere? There is a ‘return back’ feature but isnt this suppose to be automatic?

        • Ichann says:

          You named the feature askFavbrowser. As good as this is, you also have a link to answer albeit after you click ask. To me it feels like I need to click to ask a question in order to answer one.
          On the main page you can provide an answer section with the ask one or rename he ask thing entirely.

          • Just to clarify: you are saying that this ask links lead to questions list while second ask question leads to actual ask link?

          • Ichann says:

            No No No. I am saying: How come there isnt an ‘answer’ link and only ‘ask’. I further contemplate that this would have been done intentionally as the feature is called ask favbrowser.
            Wouldn’t it be good to have a answer section too rather then click “ask” to “answer” a question.
            If you can you can make a drop down navigation for ask.

          • Ichann says:

            Another issue:
            Ok so this Myprofile doorbell thing was flashing. So out of curiosity, I click it and notice that the notification is hinting at the “My Alerts” section.
            Don’t you reckon if these were a bit seperated and given their own uniqueness.
            Yes. I am btching more than usual. Infact it is even annoying me. Please excuse me while I “get rid off” my two index fingers.

          • Oh, I got it now :-) Hmm, never thought about that, will think about it.


  3. Eric Hilton says:

    Nice to have around.  I will be making use of the site.
    To everyone who will criticize, It is obviously new and has to mature a little.  I know it will get better as time goes and I look forward to seeing it grow.  We need a good Browser KB.

    Congrats & Good Luck FB.