Weekly Browsers Recap, July 12th

By | July 12, 2010

Weekly Browsers Recap, July 12th


Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Reaches 2 Million Downloads Mark
Since the very first IE9 Platform Preview release back in March 2010, it has already been downloaded more than 2 million times.

Download Firefox 4 Beta
Mozilla has just released the long awaited beta of Firefox 4 web browser.

Adblock Plus to Support Firefox Sync
According to the authors of popular Adblock Plus add-on, upcoming extension version that is 1.3 will support Firefox Sync.

Add Facebook Like to Firefox
If you are looking for a quick and painless way to share your favorite web pages with your friends…

Remove Feedback Button from Firefox 4
If you have downloaded Firefox 4 Beta and can’t stand “Feedback” button, here’s how to disable it.

Opera and Google Chrome Hitler Parody
Hitler thinks that Chrome, his favorite browser, is the fastest. But he is about to discover that he is wrong, and his generals will experience his wrath.

How to Remove Text from Opera Menu
If you would like to remove text from Opera’s O menu, follow these simple steps.

Opera Mini 5.1 Now Available
Opera Software has released a new stable version of Opera Mini web browser that is 5.1.

YouTube HTML5 Powered Mobile Website Is Here
It looks like Google has officially announced the refresh of YouTube mobile website.


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  1. Tiago Sá says:

    Firefox 4 Still Can’t Beat Google Chrome: 10 Reasons Why
    What a load of bull… “Firefox loads too slowly”, but faster than Chrome… “Browsing is still slow”, but will probably be faster than Chrome once retained layers land… “A multicapable address bar is missing”, and everybody’s happy because of that… “Ease of use is gone”, because it’s a work in progress… “Moving tabs is a pain”, because it’s a work in progress, and it will work as in Chrome or Windows 7… “The design lacks intuitiveness”, no it doesn’t and it’s a work in progress… “HTML5 is nice, but expected”, and yet Firefox is and is going to be the browser that best supports HTML5 and Mozilla is at the head of HTML5 development…
    What a misinformed soul…
    I could get 100 reasons why Chrome still doesn’t beat Firefox 3.6, let alone 4.0.

  2. Foo says:

    “2010 Mozilla Summit Recap: July 7 – 9, Whistler, Canada”
    bobchao @ Youtube have some videos from there, for example:

    Paul Rouget on Mixing the web!
    Firefox 4 new features