Remove Feedback Button from Firefox 4

By | July 7, 2010

Remove Feedback Button from Firefox 4If you have downloaded Firefox 4 Beta and can’t stand “Feedback” button, here’s how to disable it:

Click on main Firefox menu button or just press Alt
Customize > Add-ons
Find Test Pilot add-on
Disable it

Via DownloadSquad.


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  1. dwiut says:

    I like Firefox 4, although appereance similiar with other browser but still fast, especially IMO

  2. FFktlkff says:

    No, that’s not good enough. The heading is “Remove Feedback Button” but the suggested technique merely disables it. The button and its bloat, albeit minimal, remains. Hiding it in the closet is only a workaround; not a solution.

    People may well use 50 to 80 add-ons with Firefox. Firefox out of the box is effectively not FF at all. End-users want to be able to configure the browser free of any accumulation of disabled add-ons; when Firefox is used properly, the only add-ons desired are those that are actually in use. For Firefox to force the feedback mechanism on users is a very heavy-handed gesture—like any add-on, FF could very easily have made it truly removable. It’s a very poor gesture from Mozilla.

    • Foo says:

      It’s a beta. Those are released to garner feedback on a product, not for regular usage.
      Disabling the extension means that it’s not loaded anymore, the only thing it uses is disk space.
      Then don’t  use a beta and buzz off.

  3. Shane says:

    This does not work, as there is no add-on named “Test Pilot” in my list of add-ons.

  4. Shane says:

    I found it, it was named “Feedback” instead.