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By | July 7, 2010

Firefox 4 Beta Released
Mozilla has just released the long awaited beta of Firefox 4 web browser.

Besides a lot of cosmetic changes (new Linux and Mac user interface is coming soon) and performance improvements, Firefox 4 also introduces everyone’s bellowed accelerated hardware support, as well as: new add-ons manager and extensions management API, full WebGL support and more.

Download Firefox 4 Beta.

Thanks to RamaSubbu SK for the news tip.


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  1. So, how does it stand in html5test ? :P I cannot test it at the moment.
    It looks nice, and I really like idea of searching tabs, it could be useful in my Opera (always at least two windows opened with many tabs in each). I hope Opera devs will copy&improve it fast :P

    • Tiago Sá says:

      What html5test? If it’s the html5test doc come thing, my nightly (that’s beta2pre) got 198 points, where latest stable Chrome got 204 points, and Opera 166 points. That’s an improvement from latest stable Firefox from 143 points.
      But that test doesn’t test just HTML5. There’s Geolocation (which Firefox has) and WebGL, and MP3 support (which is not standard) and that sort of thing.
      So I wanted a place that tests just HTML5… I knew one, but I forgot.

      • ~200 says:

        198? I’ve gotten 199 here for a very long time. Perhaps there’s a discrepancy between platforms?
        Would you kindly, check where the missing point is? It would be interesting to know.

        Parsing rules: 11 (2 Bonus points)
        Canvas: 20

        Video: 22/27 (4 Bonus points)
        Audio: 20 (3 Bonus points)
        Local devices: 0/20
        Elements: 21/30
        Forms: 6/38

        User interaction: 20/25
        Microdata: 0/10
        Web applications: 14
        Security: 0/5
        Geolocation: 10

        WebGL: 10
        Communication: 15/25
        Files: 10/20
        Storage: 10/20
        Workers: 10

    • nvm says: sucks. It randomly hands out high scores for certain tetst, hardly any for others. It also doesn’t test the complete html5 spec, and includes lots of things that aren’t html5.

  2. RamaSubbu SK says:

    Well done firefox!!
    Browser war is getting intense.