There’s a Golden Opera Logo in Google’s Demo Slam

By | October 21, 2010

Either I am into web browsers way too much or it’s actually an implementation of Opera Software logo.

There's a Golden Opera Logo in Google's Demo Slam

Via Asa Dotzler blog.

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  1. hungary says:

    Epic FAIL, good job Google!

  2. dXm99 says:

    I think that is is not fail. I guess it is google acknowledgment of awesomeness of Opera Vs. Potate video

  3. Stve says:

    Congrats to Google for showing an unexpected degree of honesty.

  4. Plazma1 says:

    Definitely looks like the John Hicks redesign of the Opera logo. At least looks like they took a cue from it – but the perspective on the right side of the O is off.

    • Somebody says:

      Sorry but John Hicks did not redesign the Opera Logo. It was done by Oleg Melnychuk ( i hope i got the name right ). John Hicks was involved in the UI redesign of Opera Desktop and Mini/Mobile though.

  5. CD7 says:

    Well, for me the page is broken in Opera, so that is a big FAIL from me.

  6. isra says:

    Ummm… as a big Opera fan, I have to say I lol’d
    Sad, but honestly, a win for Google