Ask Opera Anything

By | October 20, 2010 | 12 Comments

Here you your chance to ask Opera team anything. Just head over to Reddit and ask them anything about Opera… OMG, anything?

Reminds me of this:

Ask Opera Anything

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  • RamaSubbu SK

    Can someone ask question there about NTLM support?

    • nobody

      and socks proxy, and why sharepoint services ask me to log in 130 times in a row and why sharepoint does not work in opera at all..

      or in general – why opera neglects corpo env? if you cant use a browser at work, there is little chance that someone will use it at home. and you CANT use opera at work, it simply does not work

      • Vygantas Lipskas

        Done :-)

  • daddylo

    I think they build a monster ( I meant a bomb) or circuit explosion.

  • Ichann

    Wow. People on Reddit are idiots.

    magic admin dust
    Crushed up caffeine pills?
    barcodez 1 point 15 hours ago[-]
    Yes, that is definitely what that white powder is.
    CorporalClegg68 1 point 1 day ago[-]
    Thanks, that was a really cool idea!
    CarlinT -1 points 1 day ago[-]
    dude6 1 point 1 day ago[-]
    Doesn’t stand out as much as the default AMA css backgrounds… perhaps you could add a maroon bg behind their usernames… or give them all the default?
    Bjartr 1 point 6 hours ago[-]
    Giving them a dusty trophy? That’s not very nice when there are so many shiny ones.
    kabuto 2 points 1 day ago[-]
    You don’t happen to have some magic ad

    • Ichann

      Sorry Bit I need to post this:

      jazzyy 4 points 23 hours ago[-]
      BRB, waiting for this guys reply on how awesome Opera is.
      BeardedBagels 5 points 23 hours ago[-]
      BRB, gotta go poop.
      Just-my-2c 4 points 22 hours ago[-]
      so how was it? Wait, you are not back yet? That gotta be some major shit!
      idiotthethird 1 point 15 hours ago[-]
      Surely he must be dead by now.


      • Vygantas Lipskas

        Still better than digg :-)

    • blahh_blahh

      Those ‘idiots’ are pretty smart as well :

      Its just a mix of fun and seriousness. It also doessome cool things too sometimes:

  • Somebody

    The event was really good and the Opera devs handled the questions really well. The general consensus was that this was much better than Microsoft’s effort.

    • nvm

      Then again, they gave Opera a fair chance. Microsoft met hostility from the start.

      • Somebody

        True. The knives were out from the beginning for the Microsoft guys, but their responses didn’t do them much good either.

  • Somebody

    By the way, Opera 11 Alpha is out ;) .