Download Opera 11 Alpha

By | October 21, 2010

Download Opera 11 Alpha

The wait is over. Opera Software has just released the alpha build of Opera 11 web browser.

The good news: it brings a little bit more than just extensions support.
The bad news: as of this moment, Opera extensions catalog is down.

Including already announced extensions support, alpha build also introduces:

– Opera Presto 2.6.37 engine, offering hundreds of bug fixes, enhanced Web Standards support as well as performance improvements and Websockets support.
– A new mail panel and bookmarks bar
– Enable plug-ins only on demand
– Updated installer

P.S. It looks like upgrade page has not been updated as well, as it still displays Opera 10.63 information after installation.

Update: Extensions catalog is now up.

Download Link: Opera 11 Alpha.

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  1. pneumatyka says:

    sorry, I shit my pants

  2. Fujiy says:

    Opera 10.70 already used Presto 2.6.37, with WebSockets, etc

  3. filip007 says:

    10.70 was just internal build, as they say on About. “test polygon”

  4. Can anyone explain, what this extension does?

    I have installed it, but as it’s alpha build, I see no button or anything + can’t add it to toolbar when editing appearance.

    Is this basically opera:config? Or it actually does something?

  5. Somebody says:

    The new installer is very good. And the installation is very very fast. The Youtube and extensions are working well so far. Need to see how long it takes to have an Adblock extension for Opera.

  6. Andylee says:

    I think Adblock and Noscript are kind of important to people who are used to firefox…. well…. noscript is there already ;)

  7. Andylee says:

    I don’t see any difference with or without the opera design extension… can anybody tell me how to get in this design mode and how to edit a page?

  8. Ichann says:


    Pinch Meh!

  9. daddylo says:

    Uhhhm I have a stupid question( sorry) ?
    where is the Windows classic installer ? Please kind enough me to show the link anybody ?

    • Ichann says:

      I think one of the developers said that the classic installer is to be no more.


      Good news is the new installer is much better updated and install’s in a cinch (or so i hear)

      • daddylo says:

        Yeah man .. so far no problem with their new installer , no problem .. means no worries but I hope it stay this way :).
        But stil tney should had left installer alone though , just saying….

        • Somebody says:

          The new installer is awesome. Very fast too. You don’t even need to install it. Just change the extension to .zip from .exe and you can unzip the contents anywhere ( including a USB disk ) and you can use Opera without installing it.

  10. Forgot to add this:

    An option has been added to have plug-ins such as Flash content load only when clicked on. This is especially helpful for speeding up browsing on computers that have difficulty handling lots of plug-in content. Simply check the “Enable plug-ins only on demand” box in Preferences → Advanced.

  11. Stve says:

    Extensions make a very nice addition to Opera makes it so much easier than messing with scripts.

  12. nvm says:

    Took you long enough, Opera…

    • Mark says:

      Opera doesn’t need extensions, unlike basic browsers like Chrome and Firefox. It’s fully featured out the box.

      They only added extensions, so clueless idiots like yourself actually look notice.

      • Ichann says:

        Hi Mark,

        Kindly piss off

      • daddylo says:

        I agree with you for certain extent but an extension like FastestTube – YouTube Video Downloader save me time specially I do not have to go and find the cache and then make them .flv format.

  13. ON_1 says:

    Wonderful build. And *Edit the page* extension quite a nice thing. I have just edited news at on of bank sites(the one my fried is using) by announcing its bankruptcy. He was shocked by that news :))))

  14. web says:

    best thing of this version so far is new installer

  15. nobody says:

    now it seems clear, why guy from opera video interview avoided question ‘how many extensions will be there on day one’..

    14?!?! guys, great joke

    all joking aside, this is typical opera:

    – extensions page was down during the premier, this was inexcusable fail, fail that opera do EACH F.. time they show of something new
    – 15 extensions? opera should have had at least PAY 3rd party developers to develop clones of most popular ff/chrome extensions/features because out of these 15 extensions like 10 were simply crap – very similar to how Unite started (and died)
    – installer (while immensely better) still is a crap. opera leaves total mess in add/remove, it spawns profile all around the HDD (even with local install) and updating from previous versions require MANUAL reseting some toolbars for extensions to work? you are joking, manual? hahaha. it is 2010, installers can be better than that, get back to work. youll not look professional until your installer/updater meets ff/chrome levels ie ‘just works’.
    – websockets are great, this is something that opera did good, really good and i hope that theyll convince others to follow suit. websites with this mechanism will be MUCH MUCH better than what we have today

    – i hope that theyll quickly buy lots of quality extensions from 3rd party devs to start this thing. opera is in position where this is the only way (so called ‘the Palm way’)

    • I agree with most of what you said, including installer part.

      Although I don’t want to compare Microsoft to Opera (as MS budget is huge), they did it the right way: ~777-1k Windows Phone 7 apps during the launch.

      On the other hand, it’s still Alpha build (assuming that only a couple of developers were notified about extensions support prior to launch) and if they actually code/pay to code at least the most popular ff/ch add-ons BEFORE final build, then it’s all good.

      • nvm says:

        Not sure I understand this, Vygantas.

        So you don’t think Opera should have released this preview to allow external developers to start working on extensions? Strange logic.

        Also, what about the installer? I didn’t notice any problems.

    • Ichann says:

      Considering the stuff Opera has inbuilt, 15 doesnt seem that little.

      The full API is not yet utiliesed and you got erhm – shit extensions but extensions non the less.

    • alojzy pietaszek says:

      They could either release alpha now with 14 extensions and let ALL people create extensions or wait another month working with FEW selected developers to have more extensions on day one. I think that option number one is better, because we all new version sooner and I bet that after month there will be much more extensions that there would be if they delayed release to work with 3rd party developers.
      Although I agree that new installer is still far from being perfect. As for manual reseting toolbar (only one BTW) – remember it’s ALPHA version. it should be used only for testing purposes and only by people that know what are they doing. And it will be fixed before final version (most likely sooner).

    • lol says:

      I’m sure he meant the release date, this is just an alpha version. Still a long time before we get a release!

    • geek says:

      :D trolling about ALPHA version? :D it should be installed only by curious and advanced users. OMG manually? are you speaking about bugs??? OF COURSE, its a ALPHA version..
      why should serious devs be insterested if extensions implementation is in alpha phase? To troll about this issue is just plainly dumb.. How many apps had Windows Phone 7 when it was introduced for the first time? We will see situation before launch. on the other hand, like i told millions times before – most users dont care about extensions. if you would read another tech blogs, then you would see that users request only a few extensions (like AdBlock, NoScript, Xmarks). only Apple is crazy about (apps) quantity not about quality

    • nvm says:

      How did nobbie expect people to make extensions for Opera without an alpha/demo version to develop for?

      Oh, that’s right. Nobbie believes in magic! LOL.

      BTW, regarding the installer, I tried it with the external option, and it did not leave stuff around in weird places. Sounds like nobbie is a noobie, LOL.

      Also, having to reset toolbars has got nothing to do with the installer. But don’t expect nobbie the noobie to get it. LOL.

    • donkeykong says:

      Come on nobody, get over it!
      that you did not get that job in Opera. This is just getting pathetic!

      How long should you spend all your wake time to talk dirt about the smallest and the most innovative browser.

      • nobody says:

        bla blabla?

        how long? long enough. until they stop commitingt one stupidity after another stupidity, until they stop banning everyone that thinks otherwise than their beloved prd3 troll (purdi/nelson and i presume he is one of the ‘tweeting’ opera employees), until they stop outright lying:

        they claim, that opera extensions are better than chrome’, but yet you cant do anything similar to this – – in opera, because now extensions are nothing more than widgets, and as such will not be very popular as they are not really EXTENSIONS, but customizations, you cannot EXTEND what opera already gives you – no way of fixing incredibly stupid menus, dialogs and preferences, no way of tweaking tabs like that above example)

        opera extensions as for today will flop, not enough power in them, too many limitations, and that stench of widgets/unite floating around.

        we can celebrate, it is 3rd month in a row without new Unite app! what a flop! and it was to be a revolution, buuuaahahahaha.

        less arrogance next time, opera

        • Cerulean says:

          Hmm, Giorgio Maone, the maker of NoScript extention in firefox has this to say,

          “Mmm, I’ve looked into the source code and it seems Opera actually is in a better shape than Chrome again, thanks to its user scripts API which allows for isolated storage in privileged content-process scripts.
          Still very impractical if compared with Firefox’s infrastructure, but not as desperate as Chrome.”

          If you can cite specific cases, than I could too.

          But it doesn’t matter, version 11 is still in the Alpha and the Opera guys have said that as it goes to the final release they will ‘expand the functionality exposed to developers’.

          Also something similar to “TooManyTabs” could be done in Windows panel in Opera, but regardless of that, I’m sure we will see a similar extension for Opera at the time of final release.

          • nobody says:

            i dont know how chrome extensions work inside, but i had to have an extensive knowledge of firefox extension architecture in the past, and it is true, that approach opera (and chrome as it seems) took in this case is rather barbaric and desperate, so both are guilty of making something simple in a very twisted way

            but yes, it is a valid point.

            as for the alpha.. opera has LONG history of rushing releases, giving huge promises and not delivering. my experience with them – based on unite, widgets, speeddial, bittorent support, developer tools etc, almost everything they did in last 5 years is that: what you see now is 95% of final. except the bugs, theyll add some more last-minute bugs into the mix and change some UI stuff that noone wanted.

            and on the release date their webpage will go down AGAIN. as if they were not capable of understanding what is going to happen, when it happened so many times before.

            and no, given what theyve disclosed about extensions up to date, TooManyTabs are in no way possible in opera in this, and in incoming version of extensions framework.

            it is a nice way of selling widgets again, but this is too limited to be of any serious use. people are also voting with their uploads, or rather not.

            what will finally kill this project is that some vocal opera users/trolls really do not understand the concept of ‘quality’. ie.: for years they’ve told entire world that opera ‘has no-script built in’. problem is, that it has not. what opera has is a laborous, inconvinient half-functionality that has only ‘script’ in common with what and HOW no-script works.

            these people will make extensions following this mindset, and people coming from other browsers will puke seeing them. please, if you think that opera has no-script because somebody told you so – install ff, install no-script and use it for few minutes and tell me, that you cannot see the difference. fortunately chrome extension developers got it. extensions are pleasingly nice and their workflow does not hurt.

  16. nvm says:

    According to this guy, James Edwards, Opera extensions are much more powerful than Chrome’s. Does anyone know if this is true?


    “Chrome extensions are, as you say, little more than bookmarklets with an icon.

    But Opera extensions are far more than that — they can insert scripts and stylesheets into the current page (using the same domain opt-in mechanism as userscripts), they can also create custom dialogs (a bit like chromeless windows), and they run a global background process which can do things like cross-domain Ajax, global localStorage (ie. preferences that persist across all domains, or are domain-specific), and provides full access to the windows and tabs heirarchy. There’s also a communication mechanism that runs between each of the components, so they can send each other messages using the HTML5 cross-document communication framework.

    So while it’s true that Opera’s extensions API is nowhere near the sophistication of Firefox’s XUL, it is however significantly more sophisticated and capable than what Chrome offers. And this is only the first release :)

  17. daddylo says:

    This is probably the best extension yet ! ( FastestTube – YouTube Video Downloader ) , not to mention best of it is I don’t have to go to cache and find files then make them .flv …. this way I can downalod them easily…
    Other surpise was youtube didn’t crash after installing , Opera work like same .. Opera alphas are have good built quality :) good work Opera Team :).

  18. daddylo says:

    Uhhmmm silly question :( but because I don’t know I like to to get an answer.. :).

    Why are these extension pages are fully encrypted like ( TLS v1.0 128 bit ARC4 (2048 bit RSA/SHA) in Opera extension page , Firefox add-on page ( TLS v1.1 128 bit ARC4 (2048 bit RSA/SHA) ) and Chrome ( TLS v1.0 128 bit ARC4 (1024 bit RSA/SHA) )?

    Also note that Opera extension page and Firefox add-on page 2048 bit but in Chrome 1024 Bit .. I wonder why that too ?

    • nobody says:

      because they are (and will be – in case of opera) not only web pages with neat interfaces but at the same time underlying foundation for autoupdate mechanism for extensions. and as such are protected for browser to be absolutely sure that it is downloading legit extensions, not some kind of spoof.

      why google uses short 1024bit key i do not know, but they can change this pretty fast if needs be