Why Stop at 8? Google Chrome 9 Details Are Here

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Why Stop at 8? Google Chrome 9 Details Are HereWhat happens when you start pushing new browser milestones every month or so? Apparently, features get pushed back as well.

According to cNET, Google has cut off a bunch of features that were originally planned for Google Chrome 8 and is now making its way to Chrome 9.

What was axed?
Hardware acceleration
Hardware based video decoding
Large layers support
Opacity fixes
Canvas issues fix for 2D graphics
CSS reflections, drop shadows and masks support

However, as new Google Chrome branches are usually released every 6 weeks, it’s not a big delay after all.

Firefox Has Encountered a Popup

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Hello, Google Chrome 8

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Hello, Google Chrome 8Although Google Chrome 8 is still in early stages of development, it appears to be shaping up nicely. Following its new release cycle, Google has recently released the very first build of Google Chrome 8 web browser.

Before you become too excited, don’t expect any major changes yet as the only difference between Chromium 7.0.548.0 and Chromium 8.0.549.0 builds is a single bug fix.

Recently, Chrome 7 beta builds received a cloud printing and host remoting features that align nicely with the upcoming Chrome OS release.

What will Chrome 8 bring to the table? Only time will tell. However, performance improvements are more than likely.

Download Link: Chromium 8.0.549.0

Download Opera 10.63

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Opera 10.63 ReleasedToday, Opera Software has released a new version of Opera browser that is 10.63.

In addition to user interface, scripting and miscellaneous bug fixes, this release also includes 5 security related patches. Therefore, it’s a recommended update for every Opera 10.6x user.

Changelog: 10.63

Download Link: Opera 10.63

All the Way to Internet Explorer 13

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All the Way to Internet Explorer 13It seems like Microsoft decided to increase its domain names portfolio, as company has recently registered a bunch of new IE related domain names:


Unfortunately for Microsoft, they failed to register InternetExplorer8.com, InternetExplorer9.com and InternetExplorer10.com domains, as now they belong to someone else.

Considering that .com price is ~8-9 USD, why stop at number 13?

Weekly Questions Recap, October 11th

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Weekly Questions Recap, October 11th


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Weekly Browsers Recap, October 11th

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Weekly Browsers Recap, October 11th


Internet Explorer Web Browser Jokes
Remember good old IE6 days? Well, let’s take a look at some of the IE definitions…

Browser Comics
A pack of browser related comics.
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New Firefox Trojan Spotted

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New Firefox Trojan Spotted

It looks like a new Firefox Trojan is in the wild and none of the antivirus programs can fix the issue.

According to webroot post, Trojan modifies nsLoginManagerPrompter.js file so Firefox would no longer ask, whether user would like to save entered password or not, and does that anyway.

After logins are stored, Trojan keeps sending stolen information to its author, Salar “Salixem” Zeynali in a rate of once per minute.

Yes, you read it right, Trojan author takes all the credit and can even be found on a Facebook site.
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Firefox 4 Mobile Beta for Android and Maemo

By | October 8, 2010 | 31 Comments

Today is a good day for Android users; as yet another browser competitor enters the ring.

This time it’s Firefox 4, built on the very same technology platform as desktop web browser; however, with optimizations for mobile phones in mind.

Maemo users have also received a Firefox 4 Beta build to play with.
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Firefox 4 Includes Bing Search

By | October 7, 2010 | 2 Comments

Firefox 4 Includes Bing SearchRecently, Mozilla has announced its plans to include Bing as additional search engine for Firefox 4 (US version) web browser.

“Bing itself offers a user experience that we think users will find valuable, and with its significant rise in popularity over the last year, we will also be including Bing as a general search option for English language users,” company officials said.

Just like in other search deals, Mozilla will share revenue from Bing searches as generated by Firefox users.

However, Google still remains the number one search engine and therefore, it’s set as default one