Download Opera 11.50 Alpha

By | May 3, 2011

Download Opera 11.50 Alpha

The very first Alpha build of the next generation Opera browser codenamed Swordfish has been just released.

One of the new features in the following version is an interactive Speed Dial. Users can now enhance its functionality by adding extensions, such as: weather, live news feeds, email notifications and more.

In addition to that, Opera 11.50 includes password synchronization and with the help of Opera Next, you can now play with dev builds without affecting your main browser installation.

If you are curious enough to try Opera 11.50, here is a download link. Bear in mind that this is the development snapshot and is not intended for daily use.

Speed Dial extensions.

Thanks, Mark G!

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  1. Armin says:

    I was waiting for the likes of Opera Next. It makes playing around with snapshots, alphas, and betas a lot easier!

  2. DWBH says:

    Best browser.
    Why they zoom speeddial ? why why why
    Why they not ask or have a poll before they do this ????????? why why why
    but anyway thanx to favbrowser found to overcome this problem :D :D :D.
    Thank you favbrowser :).

  3. Opera & IE fanboy says:

    Finally there is more attraction for developers too!!

  4. Stewart McNish says:

    Pretty stable too. It’s currently got the same core as Opera 11.10, so none of the big changes have hit the stream yet.

    In short, it’s Opera 11.10 + Password Sync + a Few minor tweaks.

  5. greg says:

    this is pointless i dont want no update on speed dials i want my hardware acceleration and a major ui change come on opera

  6. At this moment I am posting this using Firefox, which interface reminds me about the interface of Opera ten years ago.
    Why am I using it instead of Opera?
    Because I am inside the domain of an enterprise which domain has NTLM application proxy servers, and Opera can not connect directly to it.
    I already tried NTLMAPS, which got Opera to work, but very slowly. So, a person that goes for Opera, goes for speed, which in this case is lost. Using something like NTLMAPS SLOWS VERY MUCH the page loading.
    The other two things I like on Firefox are scrollable tabs and native auto-complete.
    The last two features are nice, but not so important, but the first one is really a killer – and yes, I know that even Microsoft unrecommends their own NTLM proxying technology -, so in this context I will never use Opera, the browser I use at home.

    • Toxigene says:

      Scrollable tabs of FF is much worse than the right-click+scroll wheel up/down option in Opera. It is the fastest way to go through tabs and it lets me work with literally hundreds of tabs at once. Being able to properly handle hundreds of open tabs is one of opera’s strong points that none other browser can match.

      • Mikah says:

        Once I have over 30 tabs in Opera I use the Windows panel its much quicker than scrolling tabs & especially handy in full screen mode using the F4 key.