Opera Software 2007 Q4 Results

By | March 3, 2008

Opera Software 2007 Q4 ResultsIt’s about time to check “Opera Software” finances. Earlier today 2007 Q4 results were posted.
If you are interested in 58 pages presentation, feel free to download it from here.

4Q 2007 highlights

  • Shipments of Opera Mobile: 10.4 million in 4Q
  • 8 new mobile phones include Opera Mobile pre-installed
  • A record 122 mobile phones in 2007 include Opera Mini or Opera Mobile
  • KDDI announced seven new handsets, three featuring Opera Widgets UIQ and two leading OEMs, including HTC, announced that they will ship Opera Mobile 9.5
  • The number of Opera Mini users on T-Mobile’s network in Europe passed one million
  • Opera delivers the Web on the world’s first WiMAX gaming device
  • Number of monthly users on Opera for PCs surpassed 20 million
  • Revenue from Desktop increased 50% over 4Q06
  • Opera Mini: 13.8 billion cumulative page views (December at 1.6 billion page views per month) and 35 million cumulative users
  • My Opera Community: Registered users grew 102% compared to 4Q06
  • Revenue highlights

  • 4Q revenue: MNOK 93.0, up 54% vs. 4Q06
  • Record quarter
  • Desktop revenue MNOK 19.3, up 50% vs. 4Q06
  • Internet Devices revenue MNOK 73.7, up 54% vs. 4Q06
  • Opera Mobile: 4Q highlights

  • The number of mobile phones shipped with the Opera browser was 10.4 million in 4Q07. For the full year, mobile phone shipments were 40.8 million, versus 34.2 million in FY06, an increase of 19%
  • 8 new mobile phones that include the Opera Mobile browser were announced in 4Q07, bringing the year total to 63
  • A record total of 122 Opera pre-installs including Opera Mobile and Opera Mini in 2007
  • Opera Mini: 4Q highlights

  • Cumulative pages downloaded since launch: 15.7 billion
  • Cumulative number of users: 39 million
  • Opera introduced the final version Opera Mini 4
  • Record one million downloads in 10 days
  • Looking good. And no, they haven’t forgot to include Yahoo! logo this time :-)

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