Web Browsers Finances – Opera Software 2007 Q2 Results

By | August 27, 2007

OperaGood afternoon everyone. Few months ago I’ve started to monitor web browsers market share growth. Today I am thinking about something new again.

Oh yes, we all love graphs and various numbers (I love them). So since we are monitoring browsers market share already, what else can we monitor? Finances.

Opera Software today released their “Second Quarter 2007 Report” which includes some very interesting information. Here are some pictures (had to modify them a bit to make them fit in this blog).

Opera Software 2007 Q2

Opera Software 2007 Q2 Results

As you can see Opera Software managed to increase almost everything (expect stock options costs), from revenues to employees.

Here are some more interesting information:

Opera Mini 2007 Q2

Soon to hit one billion per month. Congratulations to Opera Mini team.

Opera Software also provided their goals in 2007. Here are they:

Opera Software 2007 Q2
Note: This does NOT constitute financial guidance.

Do you think they can complete all of them?

The only thing which made me wonder a bit was their “Working with global leaders” page.

Opera Software 2007 Quarter 2 Results

Don’t you miss anything?


I went to their partners page and haven’t found “Yahoo!” there as well. Aren’t they in some kind of partnership? Have they just forgot to add this web giant?

Second Quarter 2007 Report.

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  1. IceArdor says:

    Their budget is getting tighter, though. Their operating costs are increasing faster than their income, and as a result, net profit is decreasing. Yikes.

  2. Joel says:

    No, what I miss on that map is Australia =)
    [oh, and South America, Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, etc]

    IceArdor: I think increased operating costs have included new offices over the last year, marketing, etc. and therefore may include a large proportion of invested expenses, in the hope that with our two hatching birds we might see more money in flight.

  3. mabdul says:

    page 21 from the documentation (http://www.opera.com/company/investors/finance/2007/2Q07_presentation.pdf) is really funny :p

  4. Yes, creative as well ;-)

  5. Andres Ruiz says:

    Looking at the way the “New” Yahoo Mail Beta work under Opera, I don think that Opera and Yahoo has a real strong partnership.

  6. But haven’t they made a special deal with Opera Mini?

    From http://www.opera.com/company/about/milestones/

    January 8, 2007
    Opera Names Yahoo! Exclusive Global Partner for Mobile Search

  7. kyleabaker says:

    “Soon to hit one million per month. Congratulations to Opera Mini team.”

    Don’t you mean, soon to hit one billion per month? Recheck those numbers. ;) Great post tho!