Opera Dragonfly? Update? We Know Your Little Secret

By | March 3, 2008

Opera Dragonfly? Update? We Know Your Little SecretI think this wasn’t included right after Opera Dragonfly announce (although not really remember). From source:

“it surged forth with speed and grace, devouring all before it. The landscape left behind it was perfect, calm, free of defect. Such a gift with powers unfortold…”

Oh well, all those words like “The landscape (aka web page source) left behind it was perfect, calm, free of defect (coder changed anything?). Such a gift with powers unfortold… Looks like it will be a really great tool. Here you go, Firebug alternative on its way.

Opera Dragonfly page.

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Thanks to Mancho for telling about source update.

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  1. FataL says:

    Hope they will have some update about Dragonfly soon.
    I can’t wait untin March 7th…

  2. Darken says:

    Nice find…

    “Looks like it will be a really great tool. Here you go, Firebug alternative on its way.”

  3. werwolf says:

    What is the new information in this article? :|

  4. TLZ says:

    “What is the new information in this article? :|”

    They don’t “Knw Your Little Secret”, they’re guessing like everybody else.

    Also: I’m a bit in doubt that it’s the Firebug-killer, cause wasn’t that one set to come out in autumn this year? Also: they’ve been quite open about this new DevToolbar, so why suddenely be secret about it?

  5. It’s not a guess :-)

  6. TLZ says:

    You’ve gotten inside-info?

    (Because the poetic text in the HTML comments can be interepted a number of ways IMHO.)

  7. Michael Johnson says:

    The quote is from the actual source for the page. There’s a comment that says ““it surged forth with…”

    So the only guess is what does that mean. The interpretation that follows seems to make sense… Of course, if someone has additional inside info and isn’t really sharing yet?

    As far as what’s been promised in October… maybe this is an alpha or beta release coming soon? Also, it probably won’t be a Firbug killer *yet* but within a year or so, I’d guess.

    As for going secretive, I’d guess it’s to get hype built so those who haven’t been following the quite discussions of an upcoming dev tool (it’s not necessarily just a toolbar – to be competive with Firbug it’d have to be much more) will become more aware of it.

    Of course, everything I say here is purely speculative… but things seem to be pointing in a good direction!

  8. nobody says:

    problem is that opera is making secret of something only opera lacks.

    IE (ie8 console, visual studio, iedevtoolbar), firefox (firebug), safari (native tools) all have it. and opera has not. and now they are making games and stunts instead releasing it ASAP before people stop giving a damn? yet another example of why opera marketing and PR division should all be fired (upon) and replaced with monkeys. doing random you always have a chance, opera seems to always do it the wrong way.

    ie8 has dev tools built in. guess how much easier it is to make webpages work in ie8 than in marvelous opera without ANY form of JS debuging and CRAP error console? muche easier. thats why opera isnt suported by most newly released rich-experience sites – including all google/yahoo/ms (silverlight! not! working!) etc.

    but hey, we have widgets! :)

    btw. it is already too late for opera anyway, theyve focused on mobile, forgeting that they are leader there only as there is no competition. i prefer nokia native browser to opera anyday.

  9. Torbjørn Lunde says:

    @Vygantas Lipskas: Good point. It’s just that… why be secret about something that they’re actually open about? It doesen’t make sense. It would be too obvious, wouldn’t it? Maybe it’s something we don’t know about yet? I mean, Opera can be suprising. I never expected Widgets when they released that.

    @nobody: Opera hav had Dev-Tools for quite a while, only that they aren’t very good. (Not even as good as IE’s, wich frankly aren’t the best around.) And opera aren’t being secret about them developing Dev Tools, it’s something they’ve been talking about for quite a while. So:
    – Opera does not lack it, it’s just not as good as they would like it to be.
    – They’re not being secret about developing a new one.

    What’s wrong with making a buzz? That’s a proven tactic. Apple and Google are pretty much proof of that! I agree that the Opera PR team haven’t been the best in the world, but considering how small this company is compared to giants like Apple and Microsoft they’re doing quite allright. (And getting better everyday.)

    The reason they aren’t releasing it now it probably because they want to make a really good product before releasing it. I’d rather have a good product little later than having a crappy product early on.

    What’s with this hate against Opera? I don’t get it.
    btw. A lot of the “innovation” in other browsers are simply taken from Opera. Opera are against software patents so they just let other use their ideas. Would be interesting if Opera had patent on everything they came up with and enforced it. Firefox and IE7 would be looking very different. (Make no mistake: I’m against software patents, but just to show

    Also: Opera is abselutely not too late. People have been predicting their doom for probably 3-4 years and they are just doing better and better.

    The reason Opera don’t work with many rich-experience sites is that they simply do not have a very large market share. (And are often being blocked!)

    To get Silverlight to work is Microsoft’s responsebility. That being said: Microsoft are currently co-operating with Opera to make it work there.

    Although I personnally prefer Opera Mini to anything else I’ve tried on mobiles today, the nokia browser is in fact quite good(WebKit based if my memory serves me right). Those two alongside with iPhone-Safari seems to be the only thing worth surfing on mobiles these days.

  10. Hm… Maybe you are right. But Opera team always provides some *hints* before their new product, I just can’t think off of anything else which would match that “hidden” comment in source code.

  11. nobody says:

    “Opera hav had Dev-Tools for quite a while, only that they aren’t very good. (Not even as good as IE’s, wich frankly aren’t the best around.”

    hhmmm.. not. Opera has not got any form of JS debugging (IE has visual studio with direct hook into IE, FF has Firebug, Safari has its own stuff). Opera DevConsole is a JS tool, that works only as long as JS on the page isnt very broken.

    Ergo, that is a placeholder, thing, that is not going to do your job any more efficient than with other browsers. That naturaly leads to people using IE/FF combo for development, that in a straight way leads to them ignoring Opera. That leads to low market share. Yes, google and yahoo ignore Opera because they loose nothing if they ignore it (bad opinion of opera users does not bother them, 1%? phhh).

    BTW. MS is _SAYING_ that they are working on silverlight. But, you know, they loose nothing if SL does not work in Opera. It is Opera’ job, and better for them to do that job fast. No excuses expected, no excuses taken. It has to be done, without it Opera is going to be completly cut off. I assure you, that no company is going to resign from using SL (that offers lots of advantages over flash) just because Opera has issues with that. Who cares?
    Obviously not Opera as they are not even doing any public stunt about this issue, instead they spent lots of resources on that SXSW stunt, and revealed nothing there. What was the point?


    “The reason Opera don’t work with many rich-experience sites is that they simply do not have a very large market share. (And are often being blocked!)”

    I was a webdev, now I manage web-related projects. I know good enough about that. And it is me, who decides to ignore Opera if that means more money. Thats pure calculation. There are sites in my country that I decided to not be Opera-tested. Sorry, Opera want me to change my actions, I expect Opera to do something for me, like DevTools.

    Developing for Opera is MANY times more expensive than for other browsers just because of lack of any JS debugger. So sorry, but next version of our webservice is not going to work in Opera. If you find it rude or ‘bad’ go and talk with Opera to fix their bugs. They dont care about what we think about that, so why should I care?

    We are asking for Dev Tools since 2004. If tools were available then, Opera would be supported by most today’s notcompliant sites. But they decided that we need widgets and SVG (both failed investments so far).

  12. Mancho says:

    While it would certainly be great if Dragonfly was Dev Tools, I don’t think the secrecy really makes sense in this case. Opera is an innovator. Dev Tools are needed, but not an innovation. I’m lost as to what else it could be though.