Opera Dragonfly Update

By | March 20, 2008

Opera DragonflyMore news about Opera Dragonfly… It looks like the web page was updated (hidden comment is now removed as well). New Opera Dragonfly web page now offers an opportunity to subscribe into Opera’s products mailing list, got some “sneaky” stuff as well as the following text:

“A fast-flying long-bodied predatory insect of the order Odonata, suborder Anisoptera
Valued by humans for their ability to spot and hunt down harmful bugs from great distances”

What about sneaky text? They’re using some random hidden text in the top left corner. By the way, invisible text is really a bad idea. It’s also called “Spam” and Google Quality Guidelines suggest you to “Avoid hidden text or hidden links”. Your web page could be banned from search engine results pages by the way….

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  1. Stahn says:

    Very strange… That hash numbers, and you can see a mobile design turning on the small screen option. Also, the site looks bad on latest kestrel version…

  2. Which build you are using? No problems there with 9.5 Build 9841

  3. Yatta says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it has something to do with this;


  4. LEW21 says:

    Look at the subtitle: Drag-on-fly. It may mean that it will allow editing pages in WYSIWYG mode.

  5. David Storey says:

    It looks fine in Kestrel to me. The random hidden numbers must be a mistake, produced by a server side script. It doesn’t suppose to be hidden text.