Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile

By | September 9, 2010

Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows MobileHere comes another release from Opera, as company has just announced the availability of Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Phone 6.5, Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5, and Windows Mobile 2003 devices.

Why should you use Opera Mini instead of Opera Mobile? Well, it depends on your handset and your personal preference.

It’s a nice release with its advantages and disadvantages, when compared to Opera Mobile 10. One of such advantages is a “working” “Back” button, click on it and you are instantly surfing the previous page, while in Opera Mobile 10, it takes you back and then reloads the very same page (at least on my device). On the other hand, Opera Mini 5.1 UI appeared to be a little bit sluggish sometimes.

What’s new in Opera Mini 5.1 for Windows Mobile?
Ability to set Opera Mini as default browser on the device.
Support for g-sensor screen rotation on HTC and Samsung devices.
Support for predictive input if the device supports it natively.
Improved page layout on high-resolution screens.
Improved kinetic scrolling.
Alternative installer that works on Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC devices.
Text input works on many more devices.
A host of bug fixes in Opera Mini browser core for stability and rendering accuracy.

Opera Mobile 10
Opera Mobile 10

Opera Mini 5.1
Opera Mini 5.1

Thanks to morphdreamer for the news tip.

Download Link: Opera Mini 5.1

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