Firefox 4 Beta 5 Released

By | September 9, 2010 | 19 Comments

Firefox 4 Beta 5 Released

As Firefox 4 Final nears its release, Mozilla released the fifth beta of its Firefox 4 web browser.

One of the key features in this version is a support for Direct2D hardware acceleration on Windows 7 machines that is now enabled by default.

Furthermore, Beta 5 introduces audio API which uses HTML5 (see video below), implementation of the HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) as well as hundreds of bug fixes and other improvements.

Thanks to Nox for the news tip.

Download Link: Firefox 4 Beta 5

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  • monty

    Is this new audio API part of HTML5 or is it something that Mozilla created independently?

    • Vygantas Lipskas

      Both, it uses HTML5 audio tag to take advantage of it but it’s Firefox only.

    • Foo

      They are working on standardizing it.

      “You can see more demos and find documentation for the Audio Data API here, and learn more about the W3C’s work to standardize web audio here.”

      • Vygantas Lipskas

        That sounds like good news!

        Thanks for correcting me.

        • Foo

          I wasn’t really correcting you per se. What you said is still true, it is Firefox only and it’s not part of any standard, yet. :-)

  • Ichann

    If it is relevant to then its part of html5?

  • Tiago Sá

    I was going to point out that the gelocation-standard was developed independently by Mozilla, but then I though I’d better stay quiet.

    • max1c

      ^ Ban please.

      • Tiago Sá

        ^ Delete please.

    • 88

      Is this a new meme or what not even funny

    • nobody

      if there is a reason you go with this stupid ‘i was going to say..’ charade, please, disclose it, because without it it is more than stupid

    • nvm

      The geolocation standard was developed independently by Mozilla? I doubt that.

    • Daniel Hendrycks

      Point being?
      One thing I really like that Mozilla has done is the Gecko Fullscreen API; sadly, we haven’t seen any implementations of it.

      • Ichann

        Ilve come to notice this exact same thing with Mozilla. They have the technology but rarely implement it unless the competition does something.

      • Foo

        How strange when it were drafted some 3 months ago… add to that that they have been busy with Firefox 4.

  • Daddylo

    Chrome release new version faster than FF release a beta version….
    I do not use FF but I am not scared to recommend to anyone if they do not like to use Opera.
    FF 3 has stability issues , my brotehr left FF and now use Chrome .. but I wish FF will be back to there form :) ……

  • filip007