Opera 10.62 Released

By | September 9, 2010 | 6 Comments

Opera 10.62 ReleasedToday, Opera Software has released an update for its Opera Desktop web browser that includes a couple of bug fixes as well as recently discovered, Windows DLL exploit patch.

Thanks to asfa for the news tip.

Changelog: 10.62

Download Link: Opera 10.62

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  • http://www.sumake.eu narzÄ™dzia pneumatyczne

    Also new 10.70 snapshot released, with huge amount of fixes, and some new features (new mail panels are great). But its a snapshot so be careful.

    • http://www.favbrowser.com Vygantas Lipskas

      Indeed, installed, played with mail panel (all I did was RSS reading) and it crashed 2 times within 30 seconds, rolling back to 10.62 :-)

      • KT

        Using the lastest Opera v10.70 snapshot on OSX v10.6.4 and it’s very stable for me…and very fast. (I like the Feeds side-panel…cool idea.)
        I’m waiting to see when the other browsers will copy Opera’s Visual Tabs on-the-side feature. Great for max vertical display area. ;)

      • nvm

        You are aware that 10.70 snapshots are supposed to be used for testing, and not as a replacement for the stable version, right?
        If you are, why are you talking about rolling back to 10.62? You weren’t supposed to install 10.70 on top of 10.62 in the first place.

  • daddylo

    Seems like in Opera 10.70 build 9053 , never stop loading is back….

    • daddylo

      Weird……. false alarm, for some reason now everything working ok .. weird….