Opera 9.5, Is This A Bug Or A Feature?

By | September 29, 2007 | 8 Comments

Opera 9.5I was playing with Opera 9.5 Alpha a bit and noticed one annoyance. Let’s say that you are using Opera 9.23 and Opera 9.5 Alpha (Opera 9.5 Alpha is NOT set as a default browser) at the same time, got a message in any instant messenger with a link, basically if you click link, it should open with Opera 9.23 (as Opera 9.5 is NOT set as a default browser). However, somehow it opens links with Opera 9.5. So is this a bug or a feature (so we would “use” Opera 9.5″ more)?

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  1. lars says:

    the link will always be opened in the opera.exe started last, has been like that forever

  2. Andres Ruiz says:

    I think maybe windows detects that Opera (any version) is already Open, so Windows launches that link on the active Opera Browser, note that both browsers exe file is “Opera.exe” not “opera95.exe or opera923.exe,…” the problem must be with windows, as Opera doesn’t launch the app, is windows.

  3. Andres Ruiz says:

    To explain it in a better way. Windows knows that your default browser is called opera.exe with a path like “C:\Program files\Opera\opera.exe” if no Opera is running, you click a link on any other program and Windows uses that path to launch the default browser. BUT if the browser is running, Windows just checks that “opera.exe” is running…but Windows doesn’t know the path that was used to launch that Opera.exe. It’s just that simple…Opera.exe is already running.

  4. Andres Ruiz says:

    easy to check, windows just remembers the last opera.exe launched, no matter the path it has. If you launch Opera9.23 and then Opera9.5. Click on a link on example MS Word. the link is launched in the last one (Opera9.5) if you launched first Opera9.5 and then Opera9.23…click the link on MS Word, it opens using Opera9.23
    Jeje Sorry for 3 posts.

  5. Tim Altman says:


    [User Prefs]
    Enable DDE=0

    to disable this behavior.

  6. Ayush says:

    The link will open in the last opened opera window so if you open Opera 9.23 after 9.5a then it will open in 9.23 not 9.5a.

  7. IceArdor says:

    Try the same thing with Firefox or any other web browser. The problem is Windows, not Opera.

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