2007 September Browsers Market Share Results

By | October 1, 2007

2007 September Browsers Market Share ResultsIt’s time for yet another post about web browsers market share. You may check August results here.

It’s the second month since Internet Explorer is losing its market share. This time it felt from 78.68% to 77.86% (0.82% decrease).

What about Firefox? Good news for Firefox fans, this web browser managed to increase its market share from 14.56% to 14.88% (0.32% increase). Maybe will reach 15% soon. Who knows…

Safari is doing very well. Actually it managed to increase its market share from 4.68% to 5.07% (0.39% increase) and reached 5% of the market share. Congratulations.

Opera continues to lose its market share since July, even Opera 9.5 Alpha release haven’t increased it’s market share. This time it felt yet another 0.01%, from 0.88% to 0.87% (0.01% decrease).

Netscape slightly increased its market share after the previous 0.04% drop. From 0.71% to 0.72% (0.01% increase).

While Opera doing not so well, Opera Mini as always continues to increase its market share from 0.27% to 0.39% (0.12% increase).

That’s all.

Here’s a graph of current browsers market share. Thanks to HitsLink.

Market Share 2007 August

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  1. Darius says:

    What about Opera masking/identifying as Firefor/IExplorer? Does this feature affect results?

  2. Yes, I think this could affect browser market share.

  3. Darius says:

    Hmm, just checked Google Analytics, it shows quite different results for one Lithuanian site:

    45,915 visits used 19 browsers

    1. Internet Explorer
    Jan 1, 2006 – Aug 31, 2007 55,545 68.79%
    Jan 1, 2007 – Oct 1, 2007 28,443 61.95%
    2. Firefox
    Jan 1, 2006 – Aug 31, 2007 15,617 19.34%
    Jan 1, 2007 – Oct 1, 2007 10,938 23.82%
    3. Opera
    Jan 1, 2006 – Aug 31, 2007 8,810 10.91%
    Jan 1, 2007 – Oct 1, 2007 6,071 13.22%

  4. johnnysaucepn says:

    Most of these changes (0.01%!) are, I would imagine, far below the threshold of statistical error for these kind of stats. I think the only conclusion that can be drawn is that Opera and Netscape are holding steady, and FF and Safari may have made a tiny increase.

  5. yessuz says:

    Well, of course, many of OPERA users use masking while browsing, so OPERA’s results are quite inaccurate