Opera 10.60 RC2 Released

By | June 29, 2010

Opera 10.60 RC2 ReleasedIt appears that Opera Software continues its rushed releases policy.

Just a day after the first Release Candidate build, company has now released Opera 10.60 RC2.

This build fixes a total of 10 bugs and can be downloaded here.


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  1. Fyrd says:

    Um, it’s pretty common for another release candidate to appear within days of the last one… so your statement about rushed releases makes no sense. A release candidate means that the build may be ready to be the final build, or may still need some minor bug fixes.

    • Days, maybe. Day – not really.

      • Crackerflack says:

        You are clueless about software development, Vygantas, so why are you making these clueless comments about it? Why are you making bogus claims about things you are obviously clueless about?

        Stick to talking about things you may know something about instead of trolling to attract more readers.

  2. WOFall says:

    What Fyrd said. Each RC is a candidate for a final release. It makes no sense to wait a month between releasing two RCs.

  3. Nothing wrong in this “few RCs a week” tactics. They fixed a couple of bugs, and release it to find maybe few urgent bugs more, then they fix it, and another RC is ready.
    As far as I’m concern, if they would be able to work 3 times faster, I wouldn’t mind few RCs a day :) What is a difference? It only depends on their human-power and abilities to maintain all bug reports and stuff.

  4. aavv says:

    I am big OPERA fan and used it more than 5 year but, Vygantas Lipskas is totally right
    there is no way in software Dev to make the other RC (which is really critical to the final) in the next day

    • nvm says:

      Sure there is. He’s wrong. You can make as many RCs as you want, as frequently as you want. I’ll trust professional software developers over some blogger with a lack of knowledge, or some guy commenting on the same blog.

      • aavv says:

        do not misunderstand me I did not say opera should develop RC in slow process
        but, when it comes to the final work it should be sure and bugs free
        detects bugs in an solve them in one day means that developers make temporary solutions to the problems that will appear later in smiler sites

        • Somebody says:

          Actually, once the software has reached RC quality, it means that only the really serious bugs and show stoppers will be fixed. All other bugs which are not considered showstoppers will have to wait for the next version. So if there are not too many showstoppers and they are fixing the ones that they find very quickly, I don’t see the reason not to have an RC every day. By the way, the final version has just been released ;) .

  5. nvm says:

    Your lack of knowledge is shining through. You should stick to just reporting the facts and not embarrass yourself with childish opinions.