IE6 is “Safer” than Chrome or Opera

By | June 29, 2010

IE6 is US Bank Chase has decided to stop supporting Opera and Chrome web browsers, implying security issues and low popularity.

Therefore, people who use browsers other than: Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher, Firefox 2.0 and higher or Safari 3.0 and higher (for Mac systems only), may not be able to access Chase web site.

Company states:

Why are some browsers not supported?
There are two primary reasons—security and popularity. There are dozens of browsers in use today, but not all offer the minimum levels of security that we require while others may not perform well with our site. The security of your accounts and private information is one of our highest priorities and some browsers, especially older versions, are simply higher security risks to use with our site.

Apparently, Chase bank thinks that IE6 does indeed have a required level of security, even though Microsoft itself urges people to upgrade as soon as possible.

Now, where is that facepalm picture, when you need it?


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  1. Žilvinas says:

    Shit happens – but only in USA.

  2. dxm says:

    Ok, Ok, Ok… US Bank and security in same sentence. Good one!

  3. ON says:

    Damn  idiots.

  4. RamaSubbu SK says:

    I don’t know what happen to IT people at Chase. Microsoft is asking the developers to stop supporting IE 6 for any newer developement that will force user to upgrade to either latest IE or any other browser. I think, they are adding support to IE 6 for its popularity. IE 6 popularity was history and now we have IE 8 and other better browers.
    Opera was falls into this kinda of pit :(.

  5. hadi aulia says:

    thats just dumb