Opera 10.60 RC3 Released

By | June 30, 2010

Opera 10.60 RC3 ReleasedWell, here we go again. Third RC from Opera Software was just released.

If release pattern is anything like 10.50 was, you can expect final Opera 10.60 release sometime this week.



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  1. Grrblt says:

    Don’t really think you need to report on this.  New RCs usually contain only a couple of bugfixes. People who don’t test Opera themselves probably do not care about how many RCs they chunk out. It’s enough to mention final releases and anything that features new major additions (usually beta 1, beta 2 etc).

  2. nvm says:

    Well, here we go again.
    Stick to reporting the facts instead of resorting to infantile nonsense. You are just showing your lack of knowledge of software development with comments like that.

    • Listen, if you are here just to spread negativity, you may just go and troll somewhere else :-) Otherwise, I will have to delete your comments.

      • nvm says:

        You are the one spreading negativity with your infantile opinions added to the text where you should just be showing the actual facts.
        It’s OK if you hate Opera personally, but there’s no reason to make your site a crusade against it. Try to be professional, at the very least.

  3. RamaSubbu SK says:

    I feel like Opera is in some hurry mode, they are releasing RCs quickly. Also their developer seems to be really quick in fixing the issues. Great job! Opera.
    Now you(Opera) are running on 3 of my PCs.

  4. Eric Hilton says:

    I personally enjoy these updates about Opera updating it’s software, even if it is very frequent.  You guys come here to read about your browsers latest news and so do I, Opera happens to be my choice browser now and always will be =).

    Thanks FavBrowser for keeping us updated, this is a great site I check often during the day ;)


  5. ac says:

    Opera 10.60 final can be downloaded from the opera ftp servers: http://ftp.opera.com

  6. Somebody says:

    The final is out now and can be downloaded from the Opera site. I like the new landing page of the browser. Always liked green anyway :) .