Opera 10.50, Now in Beta

By | February 11, 2010 | 13 Comments

Opera 10.50, Now in Beta
Today, Opera Software has released Beta quality build of Opera 10.50 web browser. Bringing speedy Carakan JavaScript engine, Presto 2.5 rendering engine, new features and updated look.

At this moment, first Beta is available for Windows only, although UNIX and Mac OS users can still try some of the weekly builds.

New features
Better integration with the Windows operating system
Opera Carakan JavaScript engine
Opera “O” tab and menu
Opera Presto 2.5 rendering engine
Opera Vega graphics library
Opera Widgets for Desktop
… and more!

Visit Opera 10.50 page.


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  1. ichann says:

    How cool is the startup page?

    What surprised me is the fact that Opera is now the second most popular browser to be tested on the peackeeper website.

    What irritates me is the fact that they refer to opera 10.50 alpha (even pre alpha before the carakan engine) as Opera 10.50 beta (saw the test results stating beta even though now opera 10.50 beta ever existed). And why the hell do they not include the canvas tests? – Because IE doesn’t support it yet

  2. nvm says:

    It crashes a lot!

  3. nobody says:

    it is another Opera 9.00 and Opera 9.50 and Opera 10.00 debacle.. another release, that will be patched for critical errors two days after the launch.

    another rushed release, that will completely spoil otherwise great effect.

    they want to meet the 17th March deadline (windows ballot screen), but it is already too late for them, yet they’ll release crappy final, just to meed deadline.

    few more months of polishing (look how many crashes and MAJOR problems are reported) and 10.50 would have been great (and i mean that). problem is, that they dont learn on their own mistakes.

    alpha products crash, and this is normal. but you never release alpha products to public. and naming this BETA is simply rude to its users.

    • Haha, Opera 10.0 was rushed? It took sure steps. Just lying to fuel your debate.

      “that will be patched for critical errors two days after the launch.” Example?

      “few more months of polishing” At the rate they going now one week is not like one week of development, it’s like 3.

      “and naming this BETA is simply rude to its users.” Beta is a pre-release, do you expect it to be perfect? Besides, all browsers crash. It depends on a slew of variables, Firefox 3.5 crashed hourly for many users. Should we just ignore things like that?

      • nvm says:

        Observation: Opera releases a version to fix a security hole right after it was reported.

        Conclusion 1: Opera is insanely fast at fixing security issues!

        Conclusion 2: Opera is so buggy it needs a new release right away!

        Guess which one nobody chooses :D

    • nvm says:

      I have no idea why you keep railing against Opera, nobody. I just updated to a newer build of the beta, and the crashing stopped. Apparently all those crashes were really a single bug.

      The beta seems amazingly stable and I haven’t seen any obvious problems. Certainly nothing major. The crash was fixed by updating to the latest build, as I said.

      And your claim about critical patches after two days? 10.01 was released two months after 10.0, and there is no 10.11.

      The Opera team seems to have picked up steam. It went from crappy pre-alpha to a quite stable beta in record time. Looks like they have found some magical formula to crank out quality builds like there’s no tomorrow!

      Opera’s development process seems to be fastert than Firefox and Chrome combined these days. If they keep this up they’ll have no problems making it for the EU browser ballot.

  4. Mike says:

    Under preferences I have my page zoom to 120%. I have a page that I keep open all the time at 150% zoom. Whenever I click on that page then open a new tab the new page view is at 150%. In Opera 10.10 the new pages started at 120%. I there anyway that I can do this in 10.50?

    • ichann says:

      Cant really help you as this version does not display the zoom level. What build of Opera are you using? What is your scale setting in Opera Configuration? opera:config#UserPrefs|Scale

  5. Mike says:

    In Windows 7 each individual Opera tab shows up as a separate window on the taskbar so instead of just clicking on the Opera icon on the taskbar to get back to Opera I have to click on the icon then click on one of the open tabs.

  6. Brabant says:

    @Mike: you can ctrl+click to restore Opera in the “old” way.


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