Opera Mini for iPhone

By | February 10, 2010

Opera Mini for iPhoneOpera Software announced its plans to unveil Opera Mini for iPhone during 2010 Mobile World Congress conference, which will be held from 15th to 18th of February.

Although Apple App terms clearly states, that such applications won’t be approved, Opera Software co-founder Jon von Tetzchner said: “we hope that Apple will not deny their users a choice in Web browsing experience.”

As for today, Opera Mini for iPhone is not publicly available.

Thanks to Daf for news tip.


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  1. Dels says:

    there hugely chance that Apple wouldn’t approve this app into their appstore except user keep pushing with apple

  2. vik407 says:

    This is not new, remember wen you publish this: http://www.favbrowser.com/opera-browser-iphone-edition/ so, the development of the iphone version is very mature. I cant wait to see it in action. Maybe Flash support?

  3. nobody says:

    as good as it is, opera mini will never be an attractive proposition for someone who’ve used iphone safari.

    full browser (safari) is full browser, opera mini is all about compromises. people using iphones hate compromises, it does not belong to their way of living.

    opera mobile on the other hand would be more than welcome..

    • somebody says:

      No flash? No multitasking and etc. iPhone is the very example of compromises. 1rst generation iPad too.

    • nvm says:

      I’ll be more than happy to have data compressed up to 90% before it’s downloaded to my phone.

      Safari is full of compromises as well. It has historically lacked things like copy and paste. It doesn’t do Flash. Neither does Opera Mini, but I mentioned this to illustrate how mistaken you are about there being no compromises in Safari.

      • nobody says:

        there is a difference between compromises and compromises.

        bringing on old and fixed iphone problems (copy/paste) shows that list of safari compromises is really short. so short, that it allows me everything what my desktop FF allows.

        btw. do you own and use iphone? if yes, why no JB yet?

        yes, there is no flash, and who cares? ads arent there, farmvile is dumb and you arent watching rich gfx presentations on mobile anyway. yes, flash should be there, but in reality, its absence isnt a problem. until bigger devices (no flash on ipathetic IS a problem)

        trying to log into your bank with opera mini IS a problem, because for my banks it is simply impossible. this is compromise im not going to take.

        and fortunatelly, i, as most other iphone owners have unlimited data plan and 3g connection, so that 90% compression means little in real life. not having full and working javascript on the other hand..

        opera mini is a toy browser compared to any of smartphone browsers. it got like 2.5/5 reviews on android market, and for a reason – aside from compression, it doesnt belong to android platform. basic ‘browser’ from adroid does oh so much more and renders EVERYTHING. opera mini’ place is in feature phones, and it is great there.

        on smartphones, sorry, safari from iphone has better real-web-compatiblity than desktop opera, and this is the level users are expecting. noone will care if apple say ‘no opera mini, ever’, because there is nothing to miss. opera mobile OTOH..

        NO to opera mini, YES to opera mobile.

        • I do agree it should be Opera Mobile.

          • Somebody says:

            I think there is lesser chance for Opera Mobile to be approved Apple than Opera Mini. They can claim that Mini does not duplicate features of Safari coz the rendering is done on the server and not on the phone. I think Opera is making its moves slowly so that if Mini gets approved, they can start work on porting Opera Mobile. If they had started directly by porting Opera Mobile, it would definitely be an effort wasted as it was sure to be rejected by Apple.

        • pneumatyka says:

          “Apple also doesn’t allow code interpretation so JavaScript, Java, and Flash are out.”

          So advanced web browser won’t run on iphone.

        • nvm says:

          So compromises in Safari are irrelevant (who cares!), but compromises in Opera are very relevant indeed (how terrible!). I see :D

          Opera Mini seems to be faster even on 3G, but it really shines when the connection is a bit slow. Which happens a lot unless you are the big cities.

          Opera Mini for Android is just version 4. It gets poor reviews because it doesn’t work well with touchscreens. Opera Mini 5 is great with touchscreens, and definitely not a toy browser.

          Opera Mini and Opera Mobile are nearly identical these days. Opera Mini just compresses stuff a lot before it gets sent to the phone.

          • nobody says:

            what are compromises in safari? that 2 years ago it wasnt able to copy/paste? how it is relevant to today?

            opera mini compromises? fails at any advanced webpage – like banks, plane bookings or hotel reservations. you can forget about any JS-heavy pages, and you can surely forget about any ‘desktop-like-feel’. opera mini constantly reminds you, that you are using inferior device (like most feature phones are), and that is a complete no-go when used on smartphone with 1ghz cpu..

            opera mini gets poor reviews, because it offers nothing over classic ‘browser’ on android, yet it demands that you accept some bad things. things, that ‘browser’ shows that arent neccessary to accept. and thats why most people couldnt care less about it, when it comes to smartphones ofc. it is still a great entry-level product.

            btw – all fine and dandy with opera mini compression – iphone costs A LOT, all iphones are sold with dataplans, if you are wealthy enough to buy it second hand without one, you will not care about compression because you can afford it. if you cant afford it, they you shouldnt have bought iphone in the first place.

            opera should’ve presented opera mobile for iphone – that makes much more sense, and in some cases people might even choose it based on its features and quality. anyone ditching safari for opera mini will do it against common sense, just to show how operaboy he is.

          • nvm says:

            I have no idea where you are seeing these poor reviews of Opera Mini. Everyone seems to be loving Opera Mini 5. Of course Opera Mini for Android is getting poor reviews. It’s only version 4, and that version sucks.

            I know about a lot of people who would appreciate not only the money saved with Opera Mini’s compression, but also the faster browsing because they don’t always have a perfect connection.

            Opera Mini basically has the same features as Opera Mobile, and anyone who chooses Opera Mini over Safari will obviously do so because Opera Mini offers things Safari doesn’t. Such as up to 90% compression.

  4. Raptor007 says:

    I’ll certainly download it, but if it’s a less-featured browser than Safari, I don’t think I’ll use it much.

    I’d be much more excited if Fennec (Firefox Mobile) were being ported to the iPhone.

    • pneumatyka says:

      Just different set of features. It can be useful to people without hi-speed Internet connection available (Opera Turbo), or those who use Opera on desktop (Opera Link)

  5. pneumatyka says:

    Opera 10.5 Beta released!
    only for windows as they said before

  6. Paravuth Hem says:

    Can anyone just tell me how to get operamini? Thx in advance